What ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Must Do to Ensure a Better Season 2

Too Hot To Handle hit Netflix in 2020 and was a new kind of dating show. The streamer threw together attractive young people on a tropical getaway destination — but told them they couldn’t touch. The winning couple that forged a connection could win $100,000. But the catch was every instance a couple did do something physical, the grand prize at the end decreased in value. The show ended in an unexpected way. Now looking toward season 2, here’s what Too Hot To Handle could change moving forward.

Too Hot To Handle couple from Netflix get touchy during a challenge
‘Too Hot To Handle’ on Netflix | Courtesy of Netflix

‘Too Hot To Handle’ came to Netflix as a new dating show in 2020

The contestants revealed after the show that they didn’t know what exactly they were joining when they signed on to Too Hot To Handle. The group of aspiring television personalities was surprised with the multiple plot twists the Netflix show threw their way. Even though they couldn’t touch, they all slept in the same room with temptation flowing constantly.

The show featured people from various countries and of diverse races. But the show could have improved in many ways, and still might in season 2.

Everyone at the end won money even though it was a competition

At the end of Too Hot To Handle Season 1, the “winning couple” Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey had cost everyone $50,000. They did this by breaking the most rules, such as touching and kissing often throughout production. Despite them bringing the grand prize total down, they still “won” at the end — along with everyone else remaining.

Francesca and Harry were granted the opportunity to bump the prize total back up to $75,000. This meant that in the end, all of the contestants each received $7,500. The final amount seemed minuscule in comparison to the initial prize money of $100,000.

Here’s what ‘Too Hot To Handle’ should implement in Season 2


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Based on how Too Hot To Handle Season 1, here’s how the second season of the show could improve.

For starters, everyone receiving some of the prize money at the end eliminated all of the effort people went into winning the total pot. For season 2, Too Hot To Handle should implement an actual winning couple that survived the trials and tribulations of the show. And they should win the entire amount available at the end.

Secondly, if Too Hot To Handle wants to represent more of the dating population, they should consider introducing a wide array of sexualities and body types on the show. Season 1 focused solely on straight (that viewers knew of) couples that were thin. Featuring varying body types and LGBTQ+ couples could be more representative of the viewers watching the show.

And finally, Too Hot To Handle Season 2 could improve by sticking to its consequences. If people are punished for touching, it doesn’t make sense from a viewers’ perspective for those consequences to be eliminated by letting that prize money go back into the pot at the end.

We’ll have to see what Netflix does this time around for season 2 of Too Hot To Handle. The show hits the platform in June 2021.