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Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey were the first couple to break the rules on Too Hot to Handle. By the end of the season, they’d lost the group $32,000. Thankfully, they were given a chance to win that money back. And, surprisingly, they did!

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey | Netflix
Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey | Netflix

Winning back the money Francesca and Harry lost

Francesca told TVLine that she’s proud of herself and Harry for not breaking the rules in the private suite. She was happy to prove everyone wrong.

“It was very hard. There were definitely moments where I was like, ‘Screw it, let’s just do some hanky-panky. These people don’t need the money.’ But we really had learned so much, and it’s not just about us. We didn’t want to be selfish. So we played some games, we played hide-and-seek, he tied himself to a chair at one point, and it just ended up working out. We proved everyone wrong!” she said.

Francesca feels she and Harry (and maybe a few other contestants) grew a lot during their time on the show. She feels only individuals who underwent a serious change should have received any prize money.

“When I stood up first, and then Harry stood up next, I was like, ‘Yes!’” she said. “I felt like a new person, and I knew Harry grew a lot as well. There were a few others [who also grew], but I thought the rest of the people in the group didn’t deserve any of the money at all. I was shocked when we all won. I know we’re all in this together, but of course I would have rather me and Harry just won it.”

Francesca says minimizing physical contact allowed her to form meaningful connections

Francesca says not having much physical contact with anyone during her time filming Too Hot to Handle did prove to be challenging because she’s “a very affectionate person.” But she feels the challenge ultimately made her a better person.

“I think that not being able to get physical with someone makes your connection with them stronger because you have to find other ways to show affection. Generally, I’m a very affectionate person. I like to touch the person I’m with and I like to be touched. That’s one of my love languages, I guess you would say, physical affirmation,” she told Esquire.

Francesca continued: “So the fact that we weren’t allowed that was a real shock for me but, even though I did break the rules and have some physical contact, I was still able to form such strong bonds with people. I don’t know if it would necessarily have been that strong if it was more of just a physical thing. So we were able to get to know each other on such an emotional level, and we got to know ourselves as well, so I guess that whole experience just really makes you reevaluate the way you form relationships.”

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