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After falling for each other last year on Netflix’s dating series, Too Hot to Handle, Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey continued dating. Last month, he proposed to her with a Ring Pop, and the two planned on moving in together. However, Farago posted a YouTube video on June 16, 2020, announcing the two had parted ways.

Too Hot to Handle Francesca Harry
Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago | Netflix

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey met on ‘Too Hot to Handle’

21-year-old Australian-native Harry Jowsey and 25-year-old Vancouver-based Instagram model Francesca Farago quickly fell for each other shortly after entering the villa.

The two admittedly cried when they found out about the no-contact rule, but that didn’t prevent the couple from breaking the rules the following day when they shared a $3,000 kiss.

Not wanting the others to get mad at him, the 21-year-old lied and claimed the Vancouver model kissed him first. Upset, Farago lashed out by making out with her best friend in the house, Haley Cureton, to lose another $3,000 for everyone.

The 25-year-old then tried to cozy up to former linebacker and the “accountant,” Kelz Dyke, but he rejected her multiple sexual advances, determined not to lose any more money. His denies helped her realize her unresolved feelings for Jowsey, and the two made up.

The couple then faced the ultimate test of chastity when they were given the green light to spend a night alone in the private suite. However, they failed, costing the house $20,000. The two were able to earn some of the money back by spending another night together without touching, and they passed, allowing everyone in the house to take home their share of $75,000.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey continued dating after the show

Although Too Hot to Handle premiered in April 2020, the cast filmed the show a year before the release date. They concluded filming around March 2019, and Jowsey flew out to his girlfriend’s hometown only a few weeks later. He met her family, and the two explored the town together.

Additionally, she traveled to Brisbane, Queensland, and met his family as well. The two also visited a wildlife sanctuary and got matching lightning bolt tattoos on their fingers. They split sometime in the summer of 2019, and both posted they were single on Valentine’s Day 2020.

Shortly before Too Hot to Handle aired, the couple rekindled their romance. At the reunion, which premiered in May 2020, the two revealed they were planning on moving to Los Angeles together, where Harry currently lives.

However, they hadn’t seen each other much due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Nonetheless, Jowsey proposed to his girlfriend with a Ring Pop via webcam by the end of the reunion special.

Francesca Farago feels ‘played’ by Harry Jowsey

Only a month later, the 26-year-old posted a video to YouTube and emotionally informed the viewers that she and Jowsey split. According to her, the Australian-native called things off with her because he did not want to date long distance.

Farago claims she and Jowsey were on a break for a couple of weeks beforehand, but the two spoke daily. She then visited him in LA and thought they were going to “make things work.” However, they weren’t on the same page.

The Vancouver model said Jowsey didn’t want to announce the breakup due to circulating rumors. Still, Farago posted the video because she wants to move on, as the now 23-year-old apparently has.


‘Too Hot to Handle’: Fans Are Convinced Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey Broke the Rules on the Final Night

Although Farago admittedly saw herself marrying Jowsey, she claimed he wasn’t the person for her. Additionally, she noted the rumors he cheated on her were true, although he insisted they weren’t, because people direct messaged her proof.

The 26-year-old ended by explaining she felt Jowsey “played” her and did a lot of things her “mental health couldn’t tolerate.” Too Hot to Handle is currently streaming on Netflix.