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A couple of days after Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago announced she and Harry Jowsey parted ways, her former co-star and close friend, Haley Cureton, appeared on TMZ to give her take of the breakup. 

Francesca Farago and Haley Cureton on 'Too Hot to Handle'
Francessca Farago and Haley Cureton on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ | Netflix

Francesca Farago and Haley Cureton made out in ‘Too Hot to Handle’

Almost immediately after entering the villa, 25-year-old Vancouver model Francesca Farago and 22-year-old Harry Jowsey fell for each other. They were so infatuated with one another that they admittedly cried when they were informed of the heavily enforced no-sexual contact rule. Nonetheless, they shared a kiss the following morning, costing the house $3,000.

Even though the Australian-native instigated the romantic gesture, he told his angry castmates that the model kissed him so they wouldn’t get mad at him. When the castmates turned their rage on the Vancouver model, the 22-year-old still denied any involvement, upsetting Farago.

Therefore, she made out with her best friend in the house, 20-year-old Florida-based college student Haley Cureton, purposefully to make everyone lose another $3,000.

After pursuing something with former linebacker and the “accountant” of the house, Kelz Dyke, the Vancouver model rekindled her romance with Jowsey.

The two then ended up leaving the house as a couple and continued to date long-distance after filming wrapped.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey broke up

In June 2020, the Vancouver model uploaded a YouTube video announcing she and the now 23-year-old had parted ways. She explained the two broke after dating on-and-off for a little over a year because he felt he couldn’t continue a long-distance relationship, despite their previously announced plans to move in together and marry.

According to the model, she felt “played’ by Jowsey because he asked her not to reveal the breakup due to circulating reports that he cheated on the 26-year-old. However, Farago confirmed the rumors because she received pictures of her then-boyfriend with other females.

On the other hand, the Australian-native insisted “nothing bad happened.” He claimed he ended the relationship because he “fell out of love” and “lost the spark” they shared at the beginning of the show.

Since filming concluded, both have relocated to Los Angeles, but Jowsey broke up with the model before the two had a chance to move in together.

Haley Cureton comments on Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey breakup

In a TMZ interview, the Florida native commented on her best friend’s breakup, shading Jowsey, as she claimed he only dated Farago “for publicity.” While she believes the 23-year-old found the model attractive, she doesn’t think “he’s capable of loving anyone but himself.”

Cureton pointed out that the Australian-native already “showed” that he doesn’t care about the model because he lied about the kiss he instigated in Too Hot to Handle. She also insisted that Jowsey only does things to “benefit himself.”

Therefore, the Florida-native claims she “saw the breakup coming.” Additionally, Cureton noted she and Farago have maintained a “close” relationship since filming ended, and talked with the model before the 26-year-old uploaded the breakup video.


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Finally, the college student announced she and Farago have spoken about “moving in together for a little bit,” so the two friends can “live their best lives.” A few days before the release of the interview, Cureton posted a Fashion Nova ad on her Instagram account.

The Vancouver model commented, “everyone like this comment to make Haley move to LA with me.” The 21-year-old responded, “One like, and I’ll do it.” Currently, the comment has 1,420 likes.