‘Too Hot to Handle’: Harry Jowsey Reveals He and Francesca Farago Had a ‘Massive Breakup’ Before Reuniting

While many Too Hot to Handle viewers thought Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago were only sexually attracted to each other, the couple are still together a year after the show, and he believes she’s the love of his life. While the two are currently dating, they previously parted ways a couple of months ago around Valentine’s Day.

Harry Jowsey Francesca Farago
Harry Jowsey Francesca Farago | Netflix

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago on ‘Too Hot to Handle’

In early 2019, Vancouver, Canada-based Instagram model Francesca Farago and Australian-native Harry Jowsey quickly caught each other’s eye shortly after they arrived.

After the two kissed the first night in a blindfold game, their attraction toward each other grew more intense. Therefore, they admittedly cried once they found out that they could not have any sexual contact, or each transgression would cost the house a predetermined amount of money.

The two were unable to keep their hands off each other and were the first to break a rule as they shared a $3,000 kiss. After Harry lied about the kiss and told everyone Francesca instigated it, she became upset and made out with her best friend in the house, Haley Cureton, to make her castmates lose another $3k.

She then moved on to former linebacker and house accountant, Kelz Dyke, who rejected her many sexual advances as he wanted to leave with as much money as possible.

Therefore, Francesca resolved things with Harry, and the two unlocked the private suite where they could spend the night alone. The couple ended up having sex, charging the house $20,000 before they successfully earned money back by staying in the villa without any contact.

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago continued dating after the show

In a video montage to Vax’s “Fireproof,” Francesca documented their time together following the conclusion of the show. The couple hung out in Mexico for a couple of days before flying back to their respective countries.

Two weeks later, Harry visited his woman in her hometown, and they spent a birthday together as well as visited Whistler and Ottawa so he could meet her family.

The two also received matching tattoos of lightning bolts on the inside of their finger. Francesca then went to Australia and visited her boyfriend on his farm. Additionally, they went scuba diving and visited a wildlife sanctuary.

Harry also uploaded a similar video montage of them kissing and hanging out in their respective hometowns to Justin Bieber’s “Purpose.”

Harry Jowsey reveals he and Francesca Farago had a ‘massive breakup’

In an April 23rd Instagram Live, the Australian-native answered several questions regarding his woman, including her guilty pleasures and how she typically poses in pictures.

Harry also opened up about the early drama between him and Francesca and admitted he behaved “immaturely.” Additionally, he explained he almost spent his Too Hot to Handle prize money on vacation but decided to put it into raising awareness for mental health in Australia.

The interviewer asked him about the Valentine’s Day 2020 posts that they both uploaded where the two claimed they were single in their comments. While many thought the two were attempting to throw their fans off, he admitted they had a “massive breakup” and were not together at the time.

Harry also noted several viewers sent him hate for talking to another woman during the time he and Francesca weren’t a couple. However, he and the “love of his life” made up and are currently dating.

Too Hot to Handle is airing on Netflix.