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Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago hit it off early on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. But after they shared a kiss and Harry told everyone that Francesca had initiated it (she didn’t), they weren’t exactly on the best of terms.

Harry and Kelz of 'Too Hot to Handle'
Harry and Kelz | Netflix

Francesca’s retaliation against Harry

To get back at Harry (and everyone else), Francesca kissed Haley Cureton to cost the group another $3,000.

If Francesca could, she said she’d do the exact same thing over again. She doesn’t regret locking lips with Haley at all.

“[Haley and I] thought we were going to get away with the kiss,” she told TVLine. “This secret was going to be taken to our grave. No one was going to know the truth until they actually watched the show. If we knew that Lana was going to throw us under the bus, we might have told some people ourselves so they would have been less mad. Everybody was really mad, and understandably so, but it was so fun. Haley and I had such a good time together. I enjoyed watching her lie to the group. It was so hard to contain my laughter. We were like partners in crime.”

Francesca and Kelz on ‘Too Hot to Handle’

After her kiss with Haley, Francesca began flirting with Kelz Dyke. They shared a hot tub date and then things got spicy in the shower where Francesca tried to score a kiss, but Kelz held back.

In an interview with MailOnline that went live April 21, Harry reacted to Francesca’s time with Kelz. He wasn’t too pleased.

“In all honesty, I was still infatuated with her,” said Harry of his feelings toward Francesca at the time. “She was trying to figure out if she could have feelings or something elsewhere with Kelz. I was proud of her if she can do that, especially with Kelz, it would be a bit hard.”

Harry continued: “Kelz was a bit like a dog with a bone, and as soon as he saw his opportunity in that Francesca was a little but damaged and a little bit upset, he was like ‘it’s time to swoop in.'”

Harry said Kelz had his eye on Francesca since the beginning of the show.

“At the start of the show he really wanted to have that chance with [Francesca] and then as soon as things slipped up with me, he thought it was his opportunity to shine and to prove to himself that he can get her – but then, unfortunately not,” he said.

Kelz has yet to respond to Harry’s comments.

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