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Too Hot to Handle season 2 star Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony hit it off in the house. The last time viewers saw them, the two worked out their issues and were seemingly on the right path. However, many fans think she might be dating another cast member following filming.

Too Hot to Handle Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose
Too Hot to Handle Marvin Anthony Melinda Melrose | Netflix

Melinda Melrose before appearing on ‘Too Hot to Handle’

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as part of a large family, with 16 siblings, 28-year-old Melinda Melrose relocated to New York, where she currently works as a model.

She also has a YouTube channel, under the moniker Melinda Berry where she uploads makeup tutorials and vlogs, launched in 2015 with nearly 8,000 subscribers.

One of her most popular videos, Instagram Baddie Makeup Tutorial, has reached over $157,000 views. The single is also well-known on Instagram and TikTok, with nearly 600,000 followers across both platforms.

In 2021, the self-proclaimed firecracker went on Too Hot to Handlebelieving it was a different dating show. After finding out about the infamous sex ban, she wanted to quit but stuck around and ended up catching feelings for Paris reality star and model Marvin Anthony.

Melinda fell for Marvin Anthony

Marvin quickly caught her eye during the premiere episode, but she shared a cheeky kiss with Peter Vigilante before Alana interrupted them with the rules.

The two shared the same bed and went on a date together, where they affirmed their connection with a kiss, costing the house $3,000. After they smooched, Marvin almost immediately flirted with Emily Miller, who turned him down as she’s already interested in Cam Holmes.

However, Melinda saw the interaction and got jealous, resulting in her jokingly sharing another kiss with Peter. When Lana began reading off the indiscretions the following day, Melinda admitted one fine came from her and Peter’s smooth, upsetting Marvin. Therefore, he gave her the cold shoulder.

Wanting to get under his skin, she slept in the same bed with Peter that night, shirtless. Even though he tried to shoot his shot at Melinda, she wanted to work on her connection with Marvin, who agreed. The fourth episode ended with the two getting past their issues and sleeping in the same bed together.

Many fans think Melinda is dating Peter Vigilante

Although Melinda and Marvin are seemingly still together following their fallout, something else must have happened as many fans believe the New York-based model is currently dating Peter.

Shortly after the season premiered in June 2021, Melinda uploaded a picture to her Instagram Story of her clinking drinks with someone, captioning it, “Cheers, love.”


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Some fans researched the finger shown in the image and concluded it belonged to Peter. Therefore, they believe they might be dating following their time on the show. Additionally, the two have seemingly hung out other times as they’ve uploaded to their Instagram Stories in similar places before.

However, several viewers think the picture gives them “friend vibes” and believe it could be another guy she frequently hangs out with and reportedly takes her photos for social media. Do Peter and Melinda end up together? Too Hot to Handle airs on Netflix.