‘Too Hot to Handle’: Netflix’s New Reality Show Will be Your Next Obsession

If you were thinking it was just about time you had a new Netflix obsession, you’d be right. Now that the hype surrounding Tiger King, Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is over and we’ve already discovered that love can sometimes be blind (unless you’re Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas), Netflix is bringing you a new reality show that you are sure to finish 24 hours after it comes out. Too Hot to Handle is the ultimate dating reality show, except it has one huge twist. Contestants must remain hands-off.

Too Hot to Handle
Too Hot to Handle | Instagram @haley.cure

What is ‘Too Hot to Handle’?

If you want to get a grasp of what Too Hot to Handle will be like, think about what would result if Are You the One and Love Island had a baby. It’s got all your classic troupes. Hot young singles are put in the house together to find love in the summer. But, once the cast arrives, they find out that this dating experiment will be unlike any they have ever tried before.

On this show, all forms of sex (including self-gratification) are completely off-limits. If any of them do engage in prohibited activities, they will lose money from the $100,000 prize.

“We’re in sexual rehabilitation,” a cast member says in the trailer. “All we’ve got to do is keep our pants on!”

How many episodes is ‘Too Hot to Handle?’

Netflix likes to make some of its reality shows weekly events, meaning that it rolls out new episodes every week. Too Hot to Handle will not be like that. All eight episodes of the show were uploaded to Netflix today. The episodes are under an hour long, so if you’re looking for a quick weekend binge, this could be it.

Who is hosting the show?

Every dating show has one thing in common, they all have a host. Whether its Chris Harrison or Vanessa and Nick Lachey, dating shows usually need someone there to push the show along. Too Hot to Handle is taking a spin on love in the modern age and using a device called Lana as its host. Lana is an Alexa-like gadget that will tell contestants news and count how many infractions the guests have made.

How do the contestants win money?

It is not yet clear how exactly the contestants will win the money but it is very clear how they can lose it. Every sexual act will lose them a varying amount of money. A makeout will take $3,000 away from the prize whereas something like sex would be up to $25,000 lost.

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How is the show set up?

There will be a series of workshops designed to make the contestants fall for one another. As the season goes on, contestants will be rewarded for personal growth and be able to break the rules occasionally.

How many contestants are on the show?

Too Hot to Handle will center around 10 contestants from around the world. There will be some new additions throughout the season to shake things up like on any good reality show.

Ready to start watching?