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It’s safe to say that Rhonda Paul and Francesca Farago weren’t the best of friends on Netflix’s first-ever season of Too Hot to Handle.

In an interview that Rhonda did with The Domenick Nati Show on May 1, she was asked about her feelings toward Francesca.

“It seemed, at times, that you didn’t like Francesca or she was irritating to you. Is that true?” asked the host.

Sharron Townsend And Rhonda Paul of 'Too Hot to Handle'
Sharron Townsend And Rhonda Paul |Netflix

“Francesca’s like the sister that you argue with that you don’t get along with but, at the end of the day, she’s still family so you just kind of deal with her. That’s basically the best way to sum her up and our relationship,” she responded.

When the host asked Rhonda if she’s hung out with Francesca since filming, she said: “No. Not at all.”

In fact, Rhonda said that she and the Too Hot to Handle Season 1 cast are all in a group chat save for Francesca and Haley Cureton.

“I keep in contact with almost everybody but Francesca and maybe Haley. I don’t really check on them much. But everybody else we have a little group message where we chat from time to time, check on each other, just keep each other updated,” she said.

Rhonda thinks Francesca and Harry are going to ‘have the most difficulty’ in their relationship

The host also asked Rhonda which Too Hot to Handle couple she predicts will have the most difficulty. Rhonda and Sharron Townsend have broken up, so that only leaves Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O’Brien (who started dating after filming), and Harry Jowsey and Francesca.

“Harry and Francesca,” responded Rhonda. “To be honest, I just feel like their difficulty is gonna come from maybe Harry being too much of a sweetheart, like a little puppy dog, and then Francesca being more of that dominant ‘I want things my way’ type,” she said.

Rhonda said, during filming, there were things she thinks Harry would have never done were it not for Francesca.

“There were just things that had happened that, during the show, I was just like, ‘You know, Harry probably wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for [Francesca].’ You know what I mean? Their whole back and forth on the show. It was a little iffy for everybody at the time so that’s the only reason I feel like they would have the most issues only because of what she did on the show,” she said.

Francesca knows she wasn’t well-received–’It was easy for people to blame me’

Too Hot to Handle fans will remember how Harry’s lie about Francesca initiating their first rule-breaking kiss really cemented a lot of the group’s feelings about the Canadian Instagram model.

In an interview with Esquire that came out on April 23, Francesca spoke about how it was easy for her castmates to blame her even though “it takes two to tango.”

“Harry is very lovable and his laugh is infectious and he’s so cute and so easy to get along with that, it was easy for people to blame me and like just brush me off as the bad guy, because I’m not that lovable big Australian guy with a massive smile on his face 24/7. So I did get the brunt of the heat for every decision that I made, even though there were other people involved in those decisions,” she said.

Francesca continued: “It was hard to deal with at the time. I remember being in the house and everyone was like, she’s a snake, she’s a master manipulator. But I was like, No! It takes two to tango, you know what I mean? When Harry threw me under the bus, I got all the sh*t for it and I was so mad about it.”

Today, Francesca and Harry are still happily together. They want to “get married and have kids.” So so far so good; no difficulties yet.

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