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Netflix’s hot new reality dating show, Too Hot to Handle, follows a group of conventionally attractive singles as they try to form meaningful connections without hooking up. Every time contestants do anything more than shake hands, money is deducted from the prize sum of $100,000.

The cast of 'Too Hot to Handle'
The cast of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ | Netflix

Some contestants were more concerned about not losing money than others. Kelz Dyke was the accountant of the group and Matthew Smith (Jesus) was the sex cop. Both attempted to keep an eye on people to make sure they weren’t dipping into the winnings. Even so, there was plenty of enthusiastic rule-breaking.

How Francesca Farago feels about losing money on ‘Too Hot to Handle’

Francesca Farago cost her castmates the most money. When she was asked on the show what she did for a job she said, “Instagram,” and that she made a killing. The Canadian Instagram model said that she didn’t come on the show to make friends, and it seems she didn’t come on the show to make money either. She had plenty of that already.

“I was just there to have fun and maybe form a connection with someone,” she told TVLine. “Once the rules were introduced, and after the initial shock wore off, I basically thought, ‘I didn’t come here expecting to win any money, and we don’t even know how this money’s going to be split.’ So if I felt like kissing someone, I was going to kiss someone. I didn’t care how much money I lost, which is probably why I ended up losing the most out of everyone in the house.”

Now, when reality shows take off, it’s the norm for the cast to become Instagram celebrities. Audiences want to see reality stars in their natural habitats, in their real lives. The result is, potentially, a whole new lifestyle as an influencer.

The ‘Too Hot to Handle’ cast became Instagram famous overnight

Attain ran the numbers to predict how much Too Hot to Handle stars will be making off of Instagram now that the show has aired.

“We tracked how many followers each contestant had when the show first dropped on Netflix and compared it to how many they have as of April 29th to see how much more they could be earning now compared to before the show aired,” they wrote.

Here’s what they found for the top earners.

Francesca had 300,000 followers before Too Hot to Handle aired and 3,100,000 now. According to Attain, she made approximately $636 per post before the show and can make $8,108 per post after.

Harry Jowsey (Francesca’s boyfriend) had 140,000 followers before the show aired and 2,400,000 after. He’s estimated to have made $304 per post before, and $6,435 per post now.

Chloe Veitch had only 2,900 followers prior to Too Hot to Handle and has 1,000,000 today. She would have made $6 per post before, and can make $2,677 per post now.

David Birtwistle had 25,700 followers before the show and 766,000 after. He could have made about $83 per post then, and can make $3,046 per post now.

Rhonda Paul now has 800,000 followers when she used to have 10,000. She used to be able to make $31 per post, and now she can make $3,039 per post.

Losing up to $100,000 doesn’t seem so bad when you know there’s a good chance you’ll be able to quit your job after filming.

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