‘Too Hot to Handle’: Why Francesca Thinks Everyone Loved Harry but Thought She Was a ‘Snake’

Francesca Farago was seen as the group villain right away on Too Hot to Handle. She and Harry Jowsey shared the first rule-breaking kiss that cost everyone $3,000. When the housemates demanded to know who initiated the kiss, Harry said Francesca did (she didn’t). From then on, Francesca wasn’t the most popular person in the house. And it didn’t help when she continued to break the rules. 

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago of Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle'
Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago | Netflix

Francesca says ‘one of the hardest parts’ of being on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ was being disliked

As much as Francesca didn’t come on the show “to make friends,” she told Esquire that being disliked wasn’t easy. 

“That was one of the hardest parts of living in that house, because no one wants to be exiled from the group. It’s the worst feeling and I was doing it to myself because I was acting in a certain way, but I was kind of exiled almost from day one because of things that were out of my control,” she said. 

Francesca continued: “So, it was hard to form relationships with people and I wasn’t necessarily trying as hard as I could have to rectify situations with people. But I had Harry by my side and when I had Haley that really helped, so I kind of had to just focus on myself, and if people didn’t like me I just had to go with it. But it was extremely difficult. No one doesn’t want to be the one who people don’t like. Everyone wants to be liked.”

So why does the Canadian Instagram model think it was so easy for everyone to believe Harry over her? She thinks it has something to do with the fact that he’s “very lovable and his laugh is infectious and he’s so cute and so easy to get along with.”  

“It was easy for people to blame me and like just brush me off as the bad guy, because I’m not that lovable big Australian guy with a massive smile on his face 24/7. So I did get the brunt of the heat for every decision that I made, even though there were other people involved in those decisions. It was hard to deal with at the time. I remember being in the house and everyone was like, she’s a snake, she’s a master manipulator. But I was like, No! It takes two to tango, you know what I mean? When Harry threw me under the bus, I got all the sh*t for it and I was so mad about it,” she said. 

Francesca says she never did get the apology she deserved from Harry. She blames it on his immaturity. 

Francesca and Harry are dating after ‘Too Hot to Handle’

But Francesca and Harry worked through their issues and are happily together today, over a year later. Unfortunately, though, they’re not quarantining together. 

“It’s the best but of course we’re quarantined so we’re not in the same part of the world which is really hard. We’ve been looking online at how we can sneak around this and find a way across the border to hang out. [laughs] It’s been very, very difficult,” she said. 

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