Top 3 June K-Dramas From 2022 on Viki With the Highest Scores, According to IMDb

June 2022 is shaped up to be one of the top months for K-dramas outside of Netflix. Other popular streaming platforms like Viki are airing some of the month’s most talked about summer dramas that are still going strong. The month has a bit of everything from realistic romance, star-crossed love, crime, and a seething revenge story. But some June K-dramas do better than others when looking at IMDb scores.

‘Jinxed at First’ is a fresh K-drama romance story about fated love

Based on a webtoon, Jinxed at First is a whimsical love story involving luck and fate. Girls’ Generation idol Seohyun stars as Lee Seul-bi. She and her mother have unique abilities. With a touch, they can see a person’s future. Their gifts are taken advantage of by a CEO who holds them hostage for his benefit.

When seeing an opportunity, Seul-bi escapes and runs into Gong Soo-kwang again, played by Na In-woo. Seven years ago, Soo-kwang was on the fast track to a good future until he bumped into Seul-bi. From that fateful encounter, Soo-kwang has horrible luck. He works at the fish market and is notorious for his misfortune.

When they remeet, their lives change again as they deal with fate, bad guys, and love.

Jinxed at First has an 8.3 rating on IMDb and is available in Viki.

‘Eve’ is Seo Yea-ji’s comeback that has fans hooked on a spicy revenge story

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Eve is one of the year’s most talked about K-dramas that debuted in June 2022 on Viki. The revenge drama is actor Seo Yea-ji’s return to the small-screen after her Emmy-nominated role in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Seo stars as the cunning, beautiful, and broken Lee Ra-el.

As a young girl, she had it all with a loving family until it was brutally taken away. After losing her parents due to betrayal and corruption, Ra-el vows to send the people who destroyed her family to hell. Thirteen years later, Ra-el’s old self no longer exists.

Behind a hidden persona, Ra-el integrates herself into the elite and among her enemies. Her objective? To take down CEO Yoon-kyum (Park Byung-eun), his wife, family, and anyone involved in her pain. Korea will see the most expensive and jaw-dropping divorce in history. But along the way in Eve, Ra-el’s plans for revenge take a haunting turn. She becomes her own monster and experiences love where she least expected it.

Eve has an 8.3 rating on IMDb and is available on Viki.

‘Insider’ is a June 2022 K-drama about a man undercover being betrayed

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Kang Ha-neul stars as Kim Yo-han in the JTBC K-drama, Insider, streaming on Viki. The 16-episode crime K-drama aired on June 8, 2022. It centers on Yo-han as a judiciary rookie. Tragedy befalls his family, and Yo-han is in for a rude awakening. While undercover investigating the corruption of a prosecutor, he finds himself being convicted and going to prison.

Yo-han’s life is turned upside down as he is betrayed. His reputation and his family’s livelihood are tarnished. In prison, the inmates are ruthless and are against Yo-han, despite his intelligence, wit, and impeccable fighting skills. Yo-han decides to seek revenge against the people who ruined him and finds an ally in a woman named Oh Soo-yeon, played by Lee Yoo-young. She vows to help him only if he promises to help her in her own plans.

Insider has an 8.4 rating on IMDb and is available to stream on Viki.

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