‘Torchwood’: How Many Seasons Did the Show Last?

Classic sci-fi fans have plenty of shows to watch in their free time. One is the British TV series Torchwood. It debuted in the mid-2000s and followed the popularity of the Doctor Who series revival in 2005. Many viewers were drawn into the story and enjoyed seeing more of Captain Jack Harkness. The show ran for a few seasons before it ended. But fans can still watch their favorite episodes. 

‘Torchwood’ follows the adventures of Jack Harkness

Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, and John Barrowman of 'Torchwood' in July 2009
Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, and John Barrowman of ‘Torchwood’ in July 2009 | Fiona Hanson/PA Images via Getty Images

Fans were surprised and happy to see fan-favorite Jack Harkness return deliver a warning to the Doctor. His appearance in the 13th Doctor’s run probably reminded people of the character’s spinoff series, Torchwood. Torchwood is about a rogue agency of the same name. 

The show starts after the events of the Season 2 finale of Doctor Who. It depicts a small team of alien hunters called the Torchwood Three. Jack Harkness leads the group, and other protagonists include Gwen Cooper and Owen Harper. Torchwood operates separately from any government and beyond the United Nations. 

The team operates in Cardiff, Wales, because their London headquarters got destroyed. They investigate alien-related incidents on Earth and scavenge for extraterrestrial technology. Toward the end, the characters operate as fugitives when solving global crises. 

Some of the themes the show explores include existentialism and the nature of human life. Torchwood was aimed toward an older audience and garnered millions of viewers. According to Decider, the first two seasons, or series, contained weird adventures. The third series is worth the watch. 

‘Torchwood’ lasted for a few seasons

Torchwood found its footing and became a cult classic. The BBC show premiered in 2006 and ran until 2011. It lasted for 41 episodes across four series. The first two series had 13 episodes each, while the third and fourth had five and 10 episodes, respectively. 

The first two series follow a format similar to Doctor Who because they’re somewhat episodic. There are some storylines that carry out through the seasons. The third series of Torchwood is titled Children of Earth.  

The premise revolves around children around the globe becoming paralyzed in place. An alien race caused the event and demand 12 children in exchange for the cure to a new flu strain. The fourth series is titled Miracle Day, and it picks up after Torchwood was disbanded. 

No one has to worry about death since people can’t die. As a result, the world faces the threat of unsustainable population growth. The finale ends with Jack and the team ending the sudden immortality. 

Where can fans watch the show online?

To watch Torchwood online, you can find it on multiple streaming sites. Amazon Prime Video released plenty of content this year to stream for free. Though Torchwood is available, each episode costs $2.99 to watch. Alternatively, the first two series cost $36.99, and the last two cost less because of fewer episodes. 

You can also find the sci-fi show on YouTube, where each episode costs $1.99. This platform is a cheaper option, and you can buy all episodes at once, too. But if you prefer Google Play, the price is the same there as on YouTube. Another affordable option is Vudu, which also streams Torchwood for $1.99 an episode.

In addition, iTunes users can view the show for $2.99 per episode. And if you subscribe to HBO Max, you can stream Torchwood at no extra charge.

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