Tory Lanez Finally Speaks Out In a Song About Megan Thee Stallion Incident: ‘Money Over Fallouts’

Three months after the infamous shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez decided to speak.

He was arrested on July 13, posted bond, and fans hadn’t heard from him since his last Twitter post on July 11. Meanwhile, accusations from the public mounted against the Canada-bred rapper — whose real name is Daystar Peterson — with some taking Megan’s side and others waiting to hear his version. At first, neither would name the shooter.

In August, Megan Thee Stallion directly implicated Tory Lanez as the person who shot her. Tired of people mocking her injuries and accusing her of lying, the “Savage” rapper took to Instagram to call him and his team out.

Now, Tory Lanez has decided to address the situation, even with a pending court appearance.

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez visits Music Choice, 2018 | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Tory Lanez announces intent to speak on Megan Thee Stallion

In an unexpected move, Tory Lanez tweeted that he would be breaking his silence today (Sept. 24). As word spread, some fans expressed they weren’t interested in hearing anything he has to say.

Why? An unarmed woman was allegedly shot and many people don’t want to hear any justification on the matter. Others believe he waited too long speak.

Still, there are some – such as T.I. – who wanted to hear Tory Lanez out. The big moment was set for 9 p.m. PST/Midnight EST and fans expected an Instagram Live session. That’s not what it turned out to be.

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Tory Lanez drops a new song about Megan Thee Stallion incident

He wasn’t punctual, but Tory Lanez released a new track on SoundCloud called “Money Over Fallouts.” The intro includes soundbites from news reports about the shooting. Then he launched into the song.

On it, he raps about the night of the shooting, his arrest, and the aftermath. There are a few lines catching people’s attention, including “How the f*uck you get shot in your foot and don’t hit no bones or tendons?” and “Girl, you had the nerve to write that statement on the affidavit.” He indirectly calls Megan out for lying.

He continues by rapping about Megan’s team trying to frame him as a menace, and says he lost money over the situation. Some of Tory Lanez’s other rhymes imply that he and Megan Thee Stallion were involved in a romantic tryst and that he did nothing to harm her.

Additionally, he makes it clear he’s aware of the social media and music industry backlash against him. Run the track and he addresses jokes about his height and Megan’s relationship with Jay-Z. There’s a lot to unpack.

He spits some lines about not doing it, not being able to prove it, and people trying to ruin him even though he’s still thinking about the two of them. He sounds out of breath and many fans on Instagram and Twitter aren’t feeling the song.

Reactions left under his Instagram post included, “So i stayed up for f*cking music? Lock him up!!,” “You’re finished bro. Capitalizing for streams you gotta be apologetic this ain’t it,” and “Read the room.”

Tory Lanez is due in court soon

You can listen to entire song via the link above for the Tory Lanez version of events. As it stands, he was released on bond in July and is due back in court in mid-October.

It is unclear whether the Los Angeles County District Attorney will file additional charges against Daystar Peterson or what will happen with those already leveled against him.