Tove Lo Spent 3 Weeks Writing ‘No One Dies From Love’

Tove Lo is back with a new single and its corresponding music video. “No One Dies From Love,” officially released in May 2022, was actually written in 2020, with the artist explaining that “2020 wasn’t it’s time.” 

Tove Lo is the singer behind ‘Talking Body’ and ‘Habits (Stay High)’

Tove Lo performs at the Hollywood Palladium
Tove Lo performs at the Hollywood Palladium | Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images

Known for songs like “Talking Body” and “Habits (Stay High),” Tove Lo premiered new music in 2022. Recently, this singer created “How Long” for the HBO original drama series Euphoria. The track was later released on Spotify, earning over 20 million plays in the process. 

The artist also released her single “No One Dies From Love,” which she co-wrote several years before. 

Tove Lo released ‘No One Dies From Love’ in 2022

Fans got more insight regarding the recently released single thanks to this artist’s social media platforms. In an Instagram post, Tove Lo explained that she and Ludvig Söderberg wrote this track in January 2020. 

“We spent three weeks by the ocean, talking, drinking, crying, and writing,” she wrote. “The only song we worked on was this one. I don’t think I have to say too much what it’s about. You’ll feel it. I wanted to put it out not long after we wrote it, but 2020 wasn’t it’s time.”

“I know I always call every album a new era but this feels especially like that because it’s been so long and also I’m releasing this on my own label,” the artist added. “Independent baby.”

Tove Lo officially announced her own record label, created with the artist development and services company Mtheory, called Pretty Swede Records.

“It’s amazing,” Lo said of her new label, according to Celebrity Access. “I have a lot of freedom, and it’s been fun to work with Mtheory. This will be the first release under my label. I’m a pop girl, but I like to make things weird and be in full control of the whole vision. This is the perfect way to put out exactly what I want.”

Tove Lo turned ‘No One Dies From Love’ into a ‘musical sci-fi love story’

Since its May premiere, the “No One Dies From Love” official music video earned over 850,000 views from fans. Tove Lo starred in this production, appearing as a glamorous, love-struck movie star. 

“I always knew I wanted to make something majestic visually for it but I couldn’t quite see it until my darlings @alaskafilmes came to me with the most incredible idea; a musical sci-fi love story set in the 70’s starring me and Annie 3000,” she added to her Instagram caption. “So much passion and hard work went into creating this video…”

Although it’s not confirmed if Tove Lo will release a new album this year, this artist embarks on a European tour in 2022. She will also appear at New York City’s Governors Ball Music Festival

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