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Braxton Family Values fans were concerned when rumors surfaced that the show was in danger of being canceled. After six seasons, the sisters admitted that they were fed up with production showing more negative content than positive. But, they gave fans a sigh of relief when they confirmed the show would return later this year. In addition to issues with production, the family decided to take an extended break from filming to focus on their sisterhood – and to also cope with the sudden death of a close family member.

The Braxton sisters
The Braxton sisters via Twitter

Towanda Braxton says ‘Braxton Family Values’ break is due to family drama and the sudden death of their niece 

Season 6 of Braxton Family Values ended with a huge argument between Traci and her sisters for years. Traci has voiced that she feels left out and disrespected and it culminated during a weekend getaway with the sisters and their significant others. The sisters were already on thin ice following months of estrangement after all but Traci went on a strike and opted not to film.

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They sat with famed life coach and host of OWN’s Iyanla Fix My Life, Iyanla Vanzant, for an intense two days of therapy. Vanzant confronted the sisters about their arguing, family patterns, and isolation of any sister that goes against the general consensus. Things appeared to be progressing in a positive direction until the blowup during the couple’s weekend.

The family decided to take a year off to regroup before returning to reality television. Towanda explained in a recent interview on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan why they finally decided to take a break from filming, and it was a combination of sister arguments and the death of their niece, Lauren.

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“The last episode was just crazy, it was a mess, and I hated the way that [it was shown]. I wish there was more that they would have added into it to explain a lot of different things,” she said. “Another part of it was when our niece passed away suddenly, right after the airing of the last episode of Braxton Family Values. That’s the closest that anyone has passed away in our family.”

The Braxton’s niece died unexpectedly and tragically

Lauren is the daughter of the only brother of the Braxton clan. She died at the age of 24 in her hometown of Maryland after she was found unresponsive by a friend. A 911 call was placed and she was pronounced dead by paramedics. 

Lauren Braxton
Lauren Braxton via Twitter

At the time of her death, her father revealed that she suffered from a heart condition and believed it contributed to her death. A rep for the Braxton family released a statement to Entertainment Tonight, writing, “We ask that you please respect the Braxton family’s privacy in this time of sadness and loss.”

An autopsy later determined that Lauren died of an accidental overdose of heroin and fentanyl intoxication. The family has never spoken of Lauren’s cause of death publicly, but they did mourn her on their social media pages.

“R.I.P to my amazing niece Lauren ‘Lo Lo’ Braxton…I’m still in disbelief and so very heartbroken 😥💔 Love you…always auntie ‘Te Te,’” Toni captioned a photo of the two of them together.

Source: Instagram

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Traci, who appeared to be the closest Braxton sister to Lauren, released her own statement to TMZ, explaining the devastating loss and how she helped to raise Lauren as her own daughter.

Lauren would have turned 25 just one week after her death. The family honored her life with a funeral and birthday celebration just a day apart.