Towanda Braxton Says Her Ex-Husband Is a Deadbeat Father and Says He Hasn’t Seen Their Children In Years

Towanda Braxton is happy and in love with her beau, Sean Hall. The Braxton Family Values star’s road to happiness was long and rough. She was previously married to Andre Carter and their marital issues were chronicled on the WeTV reality series. Since their split, Braxton says Carter has been lax in his role as a father. 

Towanda Braxton and Andre Carter
Towanda Braxton and Andre Carter via Twitter

Towanda Braxton and Andre Carter’s divorce was messy

When Braxton Family Values first premiered, Braxton and Carter were married but sleeping in separate bedrooms in their marital home. In fact, Braxton admitted that she only stayed with Carter for the sake of their two children and that she and Braxton had a “marriage of convenience.”

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But they stayed together for several more seasons and the show chronicled Carter’s attempts to win Braxton back. Her main complaint was that Carter was lazy and unemployed, leaving her to provide for their household. At one point, they were evicted from their home and lived with her sisters Toni and Trina before Braxton purchased her own home. 

They reconciled for a brief period and things appeared to be better, with Carter writing a few books that he published through Braxton’s company.

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But by 2016, Braxton had enough. She filed for divorce, seeking to end their 12-year marriage. Carter took things hard. He fought for full custody of their two children, claiming that Braxton was an absentee mother. He also requested Braxton’s home and two vacation properties, child support, and alimony. The show chronicled a therapy session where Braxton pleaded for a peaceful split.

Carter eventually agreed to share custody. Us Weekly reported in April 2017 that the former couple reached a divorce settlement. Neither had to pay child support, despite Braxton’s higher income. They also agreed to waive their right to alimony support and Braxton kept her cars.

Under the conditions of the settlement, Braxton and Carter both kept their individual checking, savings, and retirement accounts, and agreed to not abuse alcohol or use illegal drugs in front of their kids.

Towanda Braxton says Andre Carter has not seen their children in over four years

Braxton moved on after her divorce with music Hall and according to her, Carter has become so bitter about her new relationship that he’s taking it out on their two children. The once doting father, who Braxton previously praised for being a hands-on father, has been absent from his children for over four years.

Braxton says Hall has taken the place as a surrogate father. She posted a touching tribute to Hall on Father’s Day and spoke of Carter’s absence.

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Fans questioned where Carter has been and some even accused Braxton of being shady with her post.

“I love the post but i feel like you could’ve celebrated them both. You cant take back the time your ex was there,” one commented on her Instagram post.

“Happy Father’s Day to your Ex husband,” another wrote.

But, Braxton says it’s warranted. “This ain’t his page,” she wrote back to one follower.

Though Carter explained on the show that he was a writer and stayed at home with his children while Braxton worked, Braxton says Carter refused to work and enjoyed living off of her. 

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“The stay at home dad was placed by me so no one would look at him with a side-eye as a man. It wasn’t about me pursuing my career. If you think about it, it sounds crazy because my career was started way back in the day,” she told one follower. “This is a man who decided every time I started working, quit so I could take care of him (that’s a quote) or when the divorce was final said he can’t believe he has to start paying bills (that is also a quote).”

Braxton says that she’s thankful to Hall for playing the role of father to her two children and slammed Carter for intentionally staying away.

As far as Braxton’s previous stance on Carter’s fatherhood and how he was as a husband, she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet in a May 2020 interview that she covered up the truth about who Carter truly is in order for their children to have a positive image of their father.

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“What made it difficult was that I was in a protective mode of not making him seem bad or telling the full truth of what really occurred in the marriage with him because I didn’t want my children to think negatively of their father,” she said at the time.

Carter responded to Braxton’s post and claims with a screenshot of a text message he says is from their son wishing him a Happy Father’s Day. In December 2019, he shared a throwback photo of him with his daughter and admitted that he has not seen her in a few years. He also told fans that he and Braxton do not “speak or communicate” and that he’s unaware of goes on in her life.