‘Toy Story’ Fans Just Discovered a Hidden Adult Joke in the Movie 25 Years After Its Release: ‘This Got Me F*cked Up’

Kid movies aren’t always as appropriate as you might expect. Every once in a while, writers and animators will sprinkle in adult jokes and innuendos that a child might not catch on to until much later in life. This even applies to films that are seemingly as innocent as Toy Story, which contains one particular joke that some fans are just now understanding.

Toy Story characters Woody and Jessie
Toy Story characters Woody and Jessie at an event in July 2012 | Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/GettyImages

‘Toy Story’ is a classic movie

Toy Story is one of the most — if not the most — popular animated films of all time. It focuses on a boy named Andy and his cowboy toy Woody, who becomes fearful of losing his position as Andy’s favorite plaything after he gets the hot new action figure Buzz Lightyear.

Toy Story released in November 1995, earning a rare 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and over $200 million at the global box office (via Box Office Mojo). It was such a big hit with kids that it spawned three equally successful sequels, but there’s also content in it for adults, too.

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‘Toy Story’ has adult jokes in it, including 1 that some fans are just now realizing

You probably didn’t notice if you saw the movie as a kid, but there are actually plenty of hidden jokes and naughty references in Toy Story.

Most recently, some social media users discovered the truth about Legs, a doll with a fishing rod for an upper body and Barbie-like legs — or, in other words, a hooker.

“I was today years old when I realized this is a hooker….” one Twitter user wrote on Dec. 14 alongside a photo of Legs. That post drew more than 450,000 likes and tons of comments from readers who agreed the joke had totally gone over their heads.

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“this got me f*cked up,” read one tweet.

“I never picked up on that either…great, now I can point that out when the kids watch it on tv 😂” said another tweet.

But at the same time, there were also some people who had already caught on to the joke.

“Watch mojo showed me this a couple years back and I was like what else is Pixar doing that I havnt seen,” one person wondered.

“Nah, this one was obvious,” said a second person.

Will there be any more ‘Toy Story’ movies in the future?

So far, there aren’t any official plans for a Toy Story 5. However, several voice actors have shared their support for another movie.

Among them is Tony Hale, who did the voice for Forky in Toy Story 4. Speaking to Yahoo in August, Hale said: “Here’s the deal, if Pixar ever calls… you always just say yes. Those decisions are for other people to make, but I’m always more than willing to be around that environment again because it was so inspiring. I love it.”

While we cross our fingers and hope for another movie, you should get ready for Lightyear, an upcoming film starring Chris Evans that will focus on the famous action figure. Read more about it here.