Tracy McMillan Explains Why ‘Family or Fiancé’ Season 3 Is the Most Unique yet [Exclusive]

Relationship expert Tracy McMillan revealed that the reality TV series Family or Fiancé Season 3 may be the most dramatic to date.

She said what makes this season unique is that couples and families arrived at the destination home after viewing the previous seasons of the show.

“In season 3, most people who come on the show now have seen the show,” McMillan told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “So they are here and they think they know what’s going to happen and they kind of think they’re in control of the process.” But McMillan teased that the process of finding the truth is actually in the driver’s seat.

The ‘Family or Fiancé’ Season 3 house is the perfect setting

McMillan acknowledged that the series setting helps engaged couples and their friends and family with their journey.

Tracy McMillan stands in front of a group of people holding a microphone when she hosted Q&A Luncheon and Advanced Screening of 'Family or Fiance'
Tracy McMillan | Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

“There’s something that happens when people cross the threshold of that house, whatever experience that they came to have,” she said. “And I mean on a higher level unfolds and it just starts unfolding. And I’m sort of the channel, but it’s really their experience.”

“I’ve watched 60 couples now come through,” McMillan said as she headed into Family or Fiancé Season 3. “Some of them have incredible growth and healing and some do not. I say that I am here for whatever is in the highest good. So if that means breaking up, then I’m here for that. I am just here for the highest good. And so that’s my intention. That’s the space I hold.”

‘Family or Fiancé’ Season 3 trailer teases mystery

Each episode presents a unique set of challenges. For instance, the trailer teased a couple and their families who grapple with a shocking story surrounding a pregnancy and the birth of a child who mysteriously never seemed to materialize.

McMillan said some couples and families manage to dig deep and find the root problem. Others may need more time to get there.

“I tell the couples you can have whatever experience you are willing to have,” she said. “It is going to come down to how honest you are willing to be. How brave, how much courage, how much accountability you’re going to ask yourself to bring to this process. And then it’s going to turn out, according to whatever you are willing to do, is kind of the bottom line. Whether your families or anybody else is willing to do that work or not.”

How much does Tracy McMillan know about the couples beforehand?

McMillan seems to have an instant connection with most families and engaged couples on the show. But she makes a concerted effort to avoid overconsuming too many details. “I have a seven-minute little video that has been put together,” she said of the upcoming couples and families. “So I watch the video usually in hair and makeup on day one. I’m not doing exhaustive research. I don’t really need to. I feel like they come in, they sit down.”

“After 60 couples, the pattern recognition is pretty strong. You start with the big picture,” she explained. “Are they secure? Are they secure, functioning or are they insecure functioning? There’s basically two ways to be in a relationship.”

The journey begins the minute McMillan meets with the couples. “When they come in, they sit down. I can either see one of the two things, and that’s really where we start,” she said. “Now, if they’re secure. This is going to be a pretty straightforward process in resolving stuff. If they’re insecure, well, you just don’t know. Anything could happen.”

Anything and everything does happen on Family or Fiancé Season 3, with new episodes beginning August 6 @ 9 pm ET/PT, on OWN.