Tracy Morgan Considers His Life a ‘Second Chance’ After Traumatic Car Accident

Tracy Morgan has been making people laugh for over 25 years now, but it doesn’t mean his life has been full of fun and games. The SNL alum has become a staple of the television world since his premiere on the late-night variety show in 1996. However, a deadly car crash in 2015 nearly ended his career and his life. Thankfully, he made it out. On the fifth anniversary of the crash, the 30 Rock star spoke about how grateful he was to be alive. 

Tracy Morgan | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Who is Tracy Morgan?

Morgan already had some television work when Lorne Michaels gave him the call in 1996. He had a memorable arc as Hustle Man in the hit sitcom Martin. When Morgan joined the cast of SNL, however, everything changed for the better. He became a staple in comedies not just on television but on the big screen, too. 

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However, while Morgan was recognizable for his television work and stand-up, he never quite reached the pantheon of a leading man past a short-lived sitcom he starred in that bore his name. Everything changed in 2006 when he joined the cast of 30 Rock. While SNL had put him on the map, this was his most iconic role to date. 

Before long, more big-screen and small-screen roles began to come. The comedian can be seen on the hit TBS series The Last OG and is due for an appearance in the heavily-anticipated Eddie Murphy sequel Coming 2 America. It’s a triumphant moment made only more impressive by the events of the last few years. 

Tracy Morgan had a tragic accident

Morgan was still riding high in 2014 when a car crash derailed his life and his career, taking the life of one of his friends in the process. When a Walmart truck driver failed to slow down, he crashed in Morgan’s limousine and started a six-car pileup. Along with fellow comedians Harris Stanton and Ardie Fuqua, Morgan was rushed to the hospital, with Morgan in critical condition.

On top of that, James McNair, Morgan’s close friend and road companion, passed away from his injuries. The accident left Morgan in bad shape, unable to speak and perform for several months after. Now, Morgan is working again. His 2015 hosting gig on SNL marked not only a return to the stage that made him famous but a triumph over tragedy that inspired people around the world. 

Morgan took time to reflect on that on the fifth anniversary of the accident. 

Tracy Morgan made a triumphant comeback

On June 6, 2019, Morgan tweeted out a thread thanking God, his family, and his supporters for helping him get through the trying ordeal. The three-tweet thread reflected on everything he’d gone through and thanked those who made sure that he didn’t let the depression, pain, and PTSD of such a tragic experience. 

Five years ago tonight, me and my friends, Jimmy Mac, Jeff, [Ardie Fuqua], [Harris Stanton], Ty, & Jocelyn were in a horrific accident. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss my friend Jimmy Mac, who sadly lost his life that night. I love you Jimmy.

I thank GOD for my family. I am eternally grateful for the love and support they give me. My wife, daughter, sons, and friends are what got me back on my feet. I live every day trying to do right by them and make the most of this second chance.

I am emotional right now, so bear with me, but I also have to thank my professional family. The folks at [TBS]who got me back doing what I love to do best, entertaining people. MY YODA, Lorne Michaels. Going back to [SNL] was the first time I knew I would be ok. (Per Twitter)

Morgan’s success might be a testament to his hard work and penchant for making people laugh. Still, his ability to take a life-altering tragedy and come out the other side on top is the type of special moment that inspires people worldwide.