Travis Scott’s McDonald’s Collaboration Is Getting Hilarious Reactions From Fans Online

Rap superstar Travis Scott is one of the most popular figures in music and pop culture. The massive success of his musical releases and brand collaborations has built him a significant following, and with over 45 million combined followers on social media, it’s very rare that Scott does anything without garnering some sort of reaction from his enormous fan base. 

Scott’s recent collaboration with McDonald’s was a major move for the artist, shocking fans online and off. The historic partnership is McDonald’s first celebrity meal endorsement since 1992 with Michael Jordan and becomes yet another one of Scott’s many brand endorsements over his career. Of course, in the social media age, nothing happens without a reaction, and fans have been sharing their comical thoughts about the collab since its announcement. 

Travis Scott has had an eventful 2020

Despite the numerous setbacks that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused for people and companies worldwide, Scott has managed to remain active as both an artist and an entrepreneur. While many businesses have shuttered in the wake of the global shutdown, Scott has pivoted and taken his talents digital, tapping into his social media following to promote his music, merchandise, and partnerships. 

In April of 2020, Scott partnered with Fortnite for a record-breaking live-streaming concert, Astronomical, during which he performed some of his biggest songs. At the conclusion of the show, he also released a new record with Kid Cudi, titled “The Scotts.” The virtual concert was a massive success for the artist, and attracted over 12 million concurrent users, according to Sportskeeda

Scott also continued his collaboration with Nike, releasing a new Air Max 270 “Cactus Trails” collaboration in May.

Travis Scott recently revealed a collaboration with McDonald’s

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On Sept. 8, McDonald’s launched a month-long partnership with Scott that will allow fans to purchase the “Travis Scott meal” at franchises across the country. The collaboration is the first one of its kind since McDonald’s 1992 partnership with Michael Jordan and has a number of unique features. 

Aside from the food, Scott also played a role in helping design new uniforms for McDonald’s staff members, a new logo, and an array of exclusive merch items available on his website. Beyond the standard merch items such as t-shirts, shorts, and hats, Scott’s collection includes unusual items such as a metal lunchbox, rugs, a tie, a lunch tray, and a Chicken McNugget body pillow

All items are available for purchase until Oct. 4.

Fans have been adding hilarious commentary on Scott’s McDonald’s partnership

If nothing else, social media reveals the unfiltered opinions of the people in our world, and it surely did that after the announcement of Scott’s McDonald’s collaboration. Users shared their takes on the partnership, which generally consisted of roasts about the brand’s shameless attempt to connect with the collab’s target demographic—young, affluent, hypebeasts. 

The jokes came nonstop, and Twitter users seemed to overwhelmingly target adolescent white males as the butt of their jokes. 

One of the most lucrative developments in the 21st century has been digital resale, where consumers buy exclusive items in bulk during their release, and then resell them once they’re no longer available, at an increased price. Jokesters poked fun at the people profiting off of this system, as well.