Inside Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly’s Relationship

Trevor Noah is the outspoken host of The Daily Show, but the South African comedian likes to keep his dating life out of the spotlight. Noah has been transparent about some of the things he endured while growing up in Johannesburg.

As the son of a white man and a Black woman, Noah’s very existence when he was born in 1984 was illegal since Apartheid was still alive and well. Growing up, Norah’s life was not easy, his mother was terrified to let him out of her sight. Then, when she married his stepfather, both Noah and his mother endured horrible abuse.

While Noah has been open about his upbringing, he’s been much quieter about his personal life. Here’s what we know about his new relationship with actress Minka Kelly.

Trevor Noah dated Jordyn Taylor for four years

Just as he stepped into the role of host on The Daily Show, Noah began dating singer/songwriter/model Taylor. Noah was the first man Taylor dated after losing her high school sweetheart/fiance in a car accident four years prior.

The relationship seemed happy and incredibly serious. Noah took Taylor with him to meet his mother and grandmother in South Africa, she often attended red carpets and events with the funny man and she moved from California to New York to be closer to him.

However, in Jan. 2019, Taylor confirmed that the pair had gone their separate ways. Thankfully, the breakup seemed to be on good terms. In an Instagram Q&A, she wrote,

Of course I love him. How could you not love him? I love him so much but you guys should know we broke up this past summer but yeah I love him.

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Inside Minka Kelly’s dating history

Actress Minka Kelly rose to fame in the early 2000s with her roles in shows like Parenthood and Friday Night Lights. The endlessly youthful star has been linked to a number of high profile figures throughout her career. She dated Captain America star Chris Evans in 2007. The pair broke up but rekindled their romance again from 2012-2013.

Later, Kelly was linked to former Yankee Derek Jeter for several years. She also dated Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse William briefly. However, amid his tumultuous divorce the pair went their sperate ways.

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly are reportedly getting very serious

It looks like Noah and Kelly have been keeping their romance under wraps, but it’s certainly been heating up and apparently, it’s quite serious. “They’re very happy,” an insider told People. “It’s a very serious relationship.”

Thus far, the pair have refused to comment on their relationship, and their reps have neither confirmed nor denied that they are together. However, if things are as serious as the insider says, we expect to see Noah and Kelly supporting one another at various events when the world returns to normal once again.

Since Noah has never been known to put his personal life on display, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic appears to be the perfect time for these two to get to know one another.