Trina Braxton Gives an Update on Tamar Braxton’s Health; Trina Slams David Adefeso’s Claims of Abuse

Tamar Braxton has had a rough year. In addition to her battles with We TV, the Braxton Family Values star is addressing her long battle with depression and seeking treatment. She’s now also recovering from a pubic breakup with her boyfriend of two years, David Adefeso.

Trina Braxton and Tamar Braxton
Trina Braxton and Tamar Braxton 2011 | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Adefeso is accusing Tamar of domestic violence, which Tamar’s sister Trina does not believe. Trina is also providing an update on how Tamar is holding up amid her public struggles.

Trina Braxton says Tamar Braxton is doing well and will tell her own story when the time is right

During an interview with Vivica A. Fox on her FOX Soul talk show, Trina says despite the circumstances, Tamar is holding up well. Still, she says her family is refraining from speaking to much about Tamar’s journey as Tamar intends to speak out once she’s ready.

“We’re respecting it [Tamar’s decision] but I do truly, honestly believe that when she is ready to tell her story, I believe and pray that it’s going to help someone else,” Trina says. 

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Furthermore, Trina says Tamar’s hospitalization has shown her that it’s important to check in on your loved ones and to do so intentionally – especially those who appear to have it all together.

“I’m going to say this to anyone watching: Check on your well friends…just because everyone seems like they have it all together, it’s never what they’re going through internally,” she says. “Just check on them – say, ‘You know what girl, I’m just checking on you to say hey – I’m just checking on you to see if you need to talk.’”

Trina Braxton slams Tamar Braxton’s ex-boyfriend, David Adefeso, for speaking to the media and filing a restraining order

Adefeso is alleging that throughout his relationship with Tamar, Tamar has been verbally and physically abusive toward him. He says he ended their relationship following a huge blowup on Aug. 30, alleging Tamar hit him in his jugular, damaged his car, and secretly recorded him. He’s given his side of the story on Instagram, which The Shade Room shared. 

In response to Adefeso’s public claims and restraining order filing, Trina is not happy about his actions.

“I thought it was a lot and I thought it was unnecessary but I think it’s important for me to keep my opinions to myself because it’s not going to be pleasant,” Trina admits.

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Trina also says that Tamar’s unfortunate incident has only brought their family closer. Fans of their reality show recall the sisters intense arguments and them going long periods of time without speaking to one another.

“Let me tell you something, family [is] first we can all be arguing like crazy people but if you attack one, you attack us all,” Trina insists.

Tamar’s We TV reality series Get Ya Life is currently airing on Thursdays at 9 pm EST. The show features her issues with Adefeso and her attempting to rebuild her life and career on her own terms. Viewers are already noticing the red flags in Tamar and Adefeso’s relationship.

Season 7 of Braxton Family Values airs this November.