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Trisha Yearwood’s grilled cheese is anything but ordinary. The country star turned celebrity chef puts a twist on the classic sandwich recipe with the addition of some winter vegetables. 

Trisha Yearwood loves that grilled cheese is customizable and comforting

Trisha Yearwood smiles as she sits on a couch and looks on
Trisha Yearwood | Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank

During a ski lodge-themed episode of her Food Network show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, Yearwood explained what’s so great about grilled cheese. 

“I keep saying it’s what you like but this is really make it your own,” she said while preparing Grilled Cheesy Veggie Melts with a friend.

It all comes down to personal preference, she explained. The cookbook author opted for sourdough bread because, as she said, it’s what she likes.

The same goes for the other elements of the sandwich, from the cheese to the sauce. Yearwood used fontina cheese, which she described as a mild cow cheese that melts well. But, again, it’s all personal preference. 

The same goes for the vegetables, which Yearwood likes to add to grilled cheese to make them a little fancier. 

“We’re doing a grilled cheese situation but we’re elevating it a little bit by adding some fresh winter vegetables to it,” she said. “We’ve got some baby spinach, we’ve got some carrots, and I’m just finishing up some green cabbage.”

Not only are Yearwood’s grilled cheese sandwiches easily customizable but the Food Network star, who has long been married to Garth Brooks, says they’ll have people, namely her, coming back for more. 

“I feel like when you’re talking about warm winter foods grilled cheese just sounds comforting, right?” she said. “And If I went to a party and you served me a grilled cheese sandwich I’m going to come over every day,” she added with a laugh.

The Grilled Cheesy Veggie Melts are a 30-minute meal

Make Yearwood’s grilled cheese sandwiches in 30 minutes, according to Food Network. They take approximately half an hour to prepare from start to finish per Yearwood’s recipe instructions. 

They’re not exactly one of the quickest sandwiches to make at home. But that’s because they have a few more elements than the typical grilled cheese. 

Yearwood’s grilled cheese starts with a mayonnaise-based sauce. Then come the three vegetables she chops up and sprinkles on each slice of bread. Not to mention the standard grilled cheese ingredients including bread, butter, and, of course, cheese.

How to make Trisha Yearwood’s grilled cheese


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It takes five steps to prepare Yearwood’s grilled cheese. To start, she whips up a sauce made with mayonnaise, horseradish, and mustard. 

Next, the vegetables. Yearwood grates carrots and finely slices green cabbage before adding to a bowl with baby spinach. Then she drizzles them with olive oil and vinegar and a dash of salt and pepper. 

Now for the bread. Yearwood lays out eight slices of bread to make four sandwiches. She coats each one in a layer of sauce. Next, she puts fontina cheese on four slices of bread before topping each one with some of the vegetable mixture. 

Yearwood then adds another slice of cheese before topping each one with the remaining four slices of bread. Finally, the sandwiches go on a buttered griddle where they cook for approximately four minutes on each side.