Trisha Yearwood’s Honey Mustard Glazed Ham Has 4 Ingredients and Should Be the Centerpiece of Your Easter Table

Trisha Yearwood is all about preserving family traditions. The Trisha’s Southern Kitchen host regularly shares and discusses the life moments that continue to draw her brood together. However, many if not all of these moments include recipes passed down from generation to generation. One of these is the Food Network star’s Honey Mustard Glazed Ham, which should be the centerpiece of your Easter table.

Trisha Yearwood on the set of her Food Network Show Trisha's Southern Kitchen.
Trisha Yearwood | Food Network/Discovery Press

This recipe is a perfect Easter centerpiece

Yearwood admitted that her family enjoyed this recipe prepared by her mother Gwen on Christmas Day, as was their tradition.

However, Ham is also traditional for Easter dinner.

Subsequently, according to The Farmers Almanac, the tradition of eating ham on the Easter holiday originated after people cured their meat throughout the winter.

Since Easter falls in spring, the celebration allowed families to use the last of their winter-cured meats.

Moreover, the best thing about making a ham for Easter dinner or any dinner is that it only requires minimal ingredients and cooks on its own in the oven while you are busy taking care of other elements of the meal.

The main ingredient is smoked ham, bone-in and hock removed.

How to make Trisha Yearwood’s Honey Mustard Glazed Ham

Yearwood’s Honey Mustard Glazed Ham is a bake it and forget it wonder.

The ham should be placed in a deep pan atop a rack. This method will keep the ham from swimming in the fat drippings and allows for even browning all around.

Most hams need about 20 minutes per pound of cooking time.

After around three hours, remove the ham from the oven and top with the following ingredients to create a deliciously sweet glaze.

Combine brown sugar and honey in a small pan and place over low heat to dissolve the sugar.

Remove from heat and add the mustard.

Yearwood says if you do not have country dijon mustard, you can substitute 1/2 cup each regular dijon mustard and mayonnaise for the glaze.

The method is super-easy and the results are delicious

Trisha Yearwood Honey Mustard Glazed Ham.
Trisha Yearwood’s Honey Mustard Glazed Ham | Food Network/Facebook

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Glaze the ham with the topping and return to the oven to continue cooking as directed per the weight of the meat.

A thermometer inserted into the ham should read an internal temperature of 160 degrees before removing it from the oven.

After removing the ham from the oven, allow the meat to rest as you would any other protein.

According to the Martha Stewart website, the resting stage for meat is very important.

By allowing the protein to rest, the juices will redistribute within the meat. If you cut into a piece of meat before it rests, the juices run out of it, leaving one with a dry end result.

The website suggests the meat rests in a warm area, such as the top of the stove.

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen airs Saturdays at noon EST on The Food Network.

The recipe for Honey Mustard Glazed Ham is available on The Food Network website.