Trisha Yearwood Net Worth

Country singer Trisha Yearwood is likely one of the first artists you think of when the topic of country music comes up. She’s among the greats such as Reba McIntire, Carrie Underwood, and Dolly Parton. Here’s a look at Yearwood’s net worth and career.

Trisha Yearwood’s rise to fame

Trisha Yearwood
Trisha Yearwood | Brent Harrington/CBS via Getty Images

Yearwood began her rise to fame after releasing her debut album, Trisha Yearwood, in 1991. Her single “She’s in Love with the Boy,” quickly became a success, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Other singles from the album, including “The Woman Before Me,” and “Like We Never Had a Broken Heart,” reached the top 10.

Yearwood released her sophomore album, Hearts in Armor, in 1992. The following year, she released The Song Remembers When. Her other albums include The Sweetest Gift, Thinkin’ About You, Real Live Woman, Inside Out, and Every Girl.

Trisha Yearwood’s cookbooks

Yearwood loves food almost as much as music. One of her first cookbooks was Trisha Yearwood’s Family Recipes. She also released Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen, Trisha’s Table, and Cooking with Trisha Yearwood.

When asked about the recipes in her book, Yearwood says it’s a family affair. “Everything in the first book [my family] all makes all the time” says Yearwood in an interview with Conn Jackson.

She says many of the recipes were made either in her home, her late mother’s home, or her sister’s home. In Yearwood’s second book, recipes were gathered from her aunts, uncles, and cousins. “We tested [the recipes] ourselves before we even sent it off to be independently tested,” she adds.

‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’ on Food Network

Trisha Yearwood
Trisha Yearwood | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Yearwood became the host of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen in 2012. The Food Network cooking show features a variety of the country singer’s recipes, including crustless apple pie, macaroni and cheese, classic molten chocolate cake, creamed spinach casserole, and more.

The home chef films her show in her Nashville home. She tells Entertainment Tonight she used to live in the home before she married Garth Brooks. “This is where we film the show, and this is where I lived until I married Garth and thought I should probably move in with him,” says Yearwood.

During an interview with Kelly Clarkson, Yearwood says her cooking show was a way for her to keep her mother’s memory alive. Her mother loved to cook, so she thought the show would be a fitting tribute.

The Trisha Yearwood Pet collection

Yearwood recently announced the arrival of her pet collection. Right now, the collection focus on dogs, but she says she plans to eventually branch out and make items for cats as well. Yearwood, who has two rescue dogs, says she loves animals.

“We have a program to give back to rescues and try to educate about spaying and neutering. So [the pet collection has] a purpose,” says Yearwood during her interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Yearwood says she has gotten to a place in her life where she wants everything she does to have meaning. She also wants to do things for other people.

Trisha Yearwood’s net worth

As of this writing, Yearwood has a net worth of roughly $400 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The publication says this is the combined net worth of her and Brooks. Most of Yearwood’s wealth is from her career as a country singer. She also earns money from her cookbooks, perfume line, and home product lines.  

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