Trouble Lies Ahead for Amy and Jonah in ‘Superstore’

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of Superstore. Apologies to Simmosa shippers everywhere because season 5 of Superstore has not been kind to you. This season, Amy and Jonah’s relationship just feels… off.

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The district manager returns to Cloud 9 in ‘Superstore’

“Shoplifter Rehab” opened with a scene between Amy and Jonah, a rarity now in the show. While their relationship was never the focus of the show, the two are barely seen together in the fifth season. As the two walk to Amy’s office, they worry over whether Cloud 9’s new district manager, Maya, saw the store’s signed union cards the day before.

Amy opens the door to her office and discovers Maya sitting at her desk. She immediately panics that Maya saw the union cards and wants to monitor the Cloud 9 branch. Unfortunately for Amy, the day goes terribly.

In an attempt to save face, Amy tries to pretend to fire Bo, but Bo refuses to cooperate. Maya insists that Amy comes to lunch with her. To the dread of Jonah and other Superstore characters, they assume Maya will fire Amy.

Amy and Maya hit it off in the ‘Superstore’ episode

At lunch, Maya seems surprisingly chill with Amy. They both share similar experiences in their time as floor workers and bond. In a tense moment, Maya references that Amy’s branch of Cloud 9 has a history with unionizing. She then tells Amy that being aligned with employees unionizing would jeopardize any chance of Amy securing a job at corporate.

After a stressful day, Maya encourages Amy about her own abilities. Amy takes this to heart. Later, as she tells Jonah what happened in her office, Jonah assumes that Maya was trying to manipulate Amy to shut down the union idea.

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The thought never occurred to Amy. Jonah reassures her that she is a good manager, but people aligned with corporate can’t be trusted. He jokes about Amy actually taking a job at corporate and Amy nervously agrees, showing she was actually considering moving up in Cloud 9.

Fans wonder what is next for Amy and Jonah

While Amy and Jonah often have the same goals, the two rarely have the same tactics. In Superstore, Jonah is usually much more forward in his beliefs while Amy considers how a decision will affect herself and her family first. Her moral conscience then catches up and she takes a stand against corporate.

“Shoplifter Rehab” was a case of a classic Amy and Jonah dilemma in Superstore, but something about it felt different. It seemed both Amy and Jonah realized that Amy was considering a job at corporate if one was offered, but neither address it. This is not a problem that was solved in one episode; instead it will definitely be dragged out.

Some fans of Superstore worried that it could bring an end to Amy and Jonah’s relationship.

“not to add to the angst but what if jonah plans to propose to amy and right before he’s about to get on one knee amy interrupts him and tells him that she’s moving to chicago and taking the corporate job,” one fan tweeted.