‘Try Guys’ Star, Ned Fulmer’s Cheating Drama: A Complete Timeline

Ned Fulmer cheated on his wife with an employee. Rumors of the cheating scandal first hit Reddit. Now, Fulmer has been ousted from Try Guys and has released a personal statement confirming he had a consensual relationship with an employee. His wife, Ariel Fulmer, has also released a statement. We’ve collected a timeline of events that seem to confirm the cheating scandal was brewing for weeks before it went viral on the front page of the internet. 

A Redditor accused Ned of cheating on Sept. 2 

While the rumors about Ned went viral in the last couple of days, the scandal was brewing quietly behind the scenes on Reddit almost a month ago. A Reddit user asked other users to help them convince their significant other that Ned was an alright guy. While some users jumped in to stand up for Ned, one user ominously noted that Ned wasn’t a good guy and that the poster’s partner was on to something. 

In an effort to explain why the original poster’s significant other hated Ned, the Redditor wrote, “Maybe it’s the fact that Ned openly cheats on his wife and has no remorse. But still plays the “family man” persona on the channel. Kind of wild.” The Redditor has since deleted their account. 

The real Ned drama started more recently 

After the ominous reply, a second Reddit post claimed Ned had been caught cheating. After a fair bit of arguing,, the poster, who is believed to be Alexandria Herring’s fiancee, deleted the post. Herring is rumored to be Fulmer’s affair partner. While the posts mentioned above were the first inkling of trouble, the rumor mill wasn’t kicked into high gear until more recently. 

Ned Fulmer attends Build Series Presents Buzzfeed Motion Pictures Staff at Build Studio
Ned Fulmer | Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Several days ago, Redditors began noticing that Fulmer was suspiciously missing from several Try Guy videos, with avid fans speculating that he had been edited out of the channel’s most recent content. For example, Ned was not included in a new intro, despite being at a photoshoot with business partners Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, and Eugene Lee Yang for the same intro. An announcement that the group would be changing their posting schedule lent further credence to the theory that there might be unrest within the company. Rumors that Ned Fulmer cheated on his wife resurfaced, but the accusers included receipts this time. 

Ned Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer attend the 2016 Miss USA pageant
Ned Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Grainy stills from a video showing a man who looks like Fulmer cozying up to a woman who looks like Herring in a New York City club were posted. The date of the video also matches up with the dates of a business trip Fulmer and Herring were both on. Herring’s fiancee confirmed she was in New York City when the video was taken in a series of direct messages. Screenshots of the messages were shared on Reddit.

2nd Try LLC., Ned Fulmer, and Ariel Fulmer all address the scandal 

The scandal was all just a rumor, although with substantial evidence, until Sept. 27. After the Reddit post went viral, 2nd Try LLC., the company that Fulmer was a founding member of, issued a statement via Instagram. The message informed fans that Fulmer was stepping back and no longer working with the company. The announcement didn’t specify that Ned Fulmer cheated. Still, the message did note that the company made the decision after an internal investigation. 


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Shortly after the Try Guys released their announcement, Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer both issued statements via social media. Fulmer stated that he had a “consensual workplace relationship” and would be stepping back to focus on his family. Ariel Fulmer posted a message on her personal Instagram thanking fans for reaching out. She went on to ask for privacy for the sake of her children. 

Ned and Ariel Fulmer are the parents of two children. Their son, Wesley Fulmer, was born in 2018. Their second child, Finn Fulmer, was born in late 2020. Herring, Fulmer’s alleged affair partner, has not posted to Instagram since Aug. 28. Her fiancee has scrubbed his social media accounts.