‘Dancing with the Stars’: The Worst Contestant From Every Season

There have been many celebrities to go on Dancing with the Stars in hopes of winning the mirror ball trophy. Throughout that time there have been many that failed miserably. Sometimes it was because they just couldn’t win over the fans, but other times it was because they were horrible dancers.

Many fans are able to remember the best dancers on the show or the worst of the worst. But who were the worst of their season? We decided to go through them all! These celebrities were either the first to go home or had the longest streak of receiving the lowest scores from judges. Here are the worst dancers of each season of Dancing with the Stars.

Season 1: Trista Sutter

Trista and Ryan Stutter pose at a red carpet event.

Trista and Ryan Stutter | Rusty Russell/Stringer/Getty Images

The show kicked off its first season with a much smaller cast. There were only six celebrities competing to win it all and much-lower expectations than today. If you ask us, it definitely wasn’t the most impressive season. The winner, Kelly Monaco, actually had the lowest score on the first night and received the lowest score of the week a couple times again.

But it was Trista Sutter who came out on the bottom for that season. The Bachelorette star was partnered with Louis Van Amstel but still couldn’t quite find her footing on the dance floor. She was the first to get eliminated after her Rumba performance.

This is somewhat surprising given her performance wasn’t terrible, but it was pretty boring. Her scores the week before also beat Monaco’s scores but it wasn’t enough to keep her.

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