‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Episode 6 Recap: Chess Pieces Fall Down

Power Book II: Ghost is back to finish off the second half of the season, and the games have begun.

The midseason finale had Tasha’s lawyer and Saxe shaking hands on a scheme to free Tasha and go after Tariq. And at Stansfield, Brayden’s brother stole the stash out of his dorm room and Riley’s nosiness still didn’t raise any red flags.

Most importantly, Tariq’s alliance with Monet Tejada was starting to firm up though distrust still exists on both sides. Heading into episode 6, “Good vs. Evil,” multiple characters are engaging in secret activities that could be exposed at any minute. Here’s a recap.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost, Season 1, Episode 6]

Tariq and Riley in 'Power Book II Ghost'
‘Power Book II: Ghost’ with Andrea Lee Christensen as Riley and Michael Rainey Jr as Tariq | Starz

Saxe and MacLean hatch their scheme

Davis and Saxe meet in Saxe’s office to plot jury selection. They want a jury who will let Tasha walk.

Tasha informs Tariq her case is going to trial and says Davis thinks they’ll win. He hangs up because class is starting. The theme of this class and this week’s episode is good versus evil and whether people are inherently one or both by nature.

In court, the judge warns Saxe and MacLean to play nice while choosing jurors. She’s baffled that both lawyers make it an easy process. Ott is surprised too and confronts Saxe in his office with “What the f*ck is that jury?” He’s worried about a mistrial, and so is MacLean’s right hand, Paula. MacLean reassures her that a mistrial is a win to him and asks her to get him prepped for Saxe’s first witness, Francis Johnson.

The scene flips to Saxe speaking to Johnson—aka 2-Bit—in jail, trying to convince him to testify in Tasha’s case. Of course, he’s not interested and references the Fifth Amendment. But then it cuts to MacLean talking to 2-Bit who instructs him to hire him as his attorney.

He makes it clear he’s not snitching. Then Blanca walks into the room and after a snippy exchange, they plot on Saxe. They offer to spring him out of jail with a clean slate.

MacLean advises 2-Bit to take the deal from Saxe but once he takes the stand, he’s going to run game. After some heavy convincing with a promise he can return to drug-dealing in Queens, 2-Bit gets on board.

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A crash course in drug operations x 2

Elsewhere, Monet makes Dru and Diana come to work with her to teach them a lesson about focus. She tells them off before they leave the house and Cane quietly accuses Diana of sleeping with Tariq. The two have words and after she leaves with her mom and Dru, Cane takes off.

At the federal building, Saxe persuades Ott to pull some strings for an immunity deal for 2-Bit. He’s not happy about it.

Monet puts Dru and Diana to work tallying and breaking down product. She takes their phones and leaves them in the room with the kids. She rolls out. They try not to answer their phones.

Saxe gets a visit from Riley. He tells her to fall back because Tariq and his circle could be into bad thing. She tells him she’s in love with Brayden and she won’t leave him alone.

Trace finally shows up to Brayden’s dorm room. He demands he returns the stash, but Trace refuses and says he showed his friends a good time. They get into a fight and Cane walks in.

He’s looking for Tariq but Trace gets cocky and Cane pulls a gun. Brayden runs his mouth about being Tariq’s friend and part of their operation. “You’re Cane, right?” doesn’t go over well, nor does the fact that there’s missing product and money. He makes the Weston brothers come with him without their phones. Brayden knocks over the chess pieces.

Tariq eventually returns to the room and finds Riley snooping through his things. She says the door was open and she’s looking for Brayden. He tells her to call him and he finds Brayden’s phone by the messed up chess board. Tariq tells Riley to leave but she refuses. Ugh.

Dru dips out on the job to visit boyfriend. Meanwhile, Cane turns Trace and Brayden into corner boys on separate corners. The latter excels. Trace does not and catches a minor beatdown from some locals.

Dru learns about CourseCorrect while at Everett’s. After an angry Monet finds out Dru left, she lets Diana leave to retrieve him. She tracks him down at the dorm and Dru tells her about the app but thinks they shouldn’t tell Monet.

Tariq and Riley are playing chess and talking about Brayden. She mentions the roofied drink when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Diana. He steps outside and she questions him about CourseCorrect. He begs her not to tell Monet because she wouldn’t understand the system.

While he’s in the hallway, Riley snoops through is text alerts. Diana acts jealous and scolds Tariq about how he treats people. He goes back in the room where Riley pretends to be innocent.

Cane learns a few lessons

As Cane drives back to campus, he’s pulled over by Ramirez who tells the Westons to get out and stand by his car. Cane talks tough as Ramirez warns him about keeping a low profile. He reminds Cane they all work for his father Lorenzo and this stunt is bad for business.

Ramirez has the Westons in his car and says implores them to forget what just happened because technically he’s supposed to arrest them for selling. Trace wants to press charges or call his parents but Brayden tells him to shut up so Cane doesn’t come back.

Back at the jail, Tasha meets with Paula and Davis about 2-Bit. She says she never interacted with him but he may know Tariq because of Tommy. She’s worried—and suspicious about what Davis knows.

Diana spills to her mom about Tariq’s app. Monet is impressed but wants to know why Diana is trying to shut the partnership down. She asks if they’re sleeping together, and Diana says no.

Brayden arrives at the dorm room and Riley rants. She leaves the room after telling him to pack for the night. Brayden catches Tariq up on Cane but says he loved being on the block and making money. Tariq tells him he’s not doing it again. They’re concerned about Trace snitching though.

He hits up Monet about Cane and they agree he won’t show up at school anymore. She hangs up and Ramirez gives her a rundown about the Westons. He says Cane is out of line and a man needs to check him.

Saxe has 2-Bit on the stand, and he flips his testimony, making Saxe look like a fool. When Saxe warns him about perjury, he says he has transactional immunity and only had to show up and answer questions. When Davis questions him, he denies knowing the St. Patricks but added he once helped Tariq get home after he got lost. That raises Tasha’s antennae.

Over in Queens, Monet confronts Cane about his antics. They argue and Cane goes off about their dad being the real boss. Diana and Dru come downstairs and see the clash, and Diana tries to pull Cane back while he’s yelling at Monet.

He turns to her with his finger in her face and Monet grabs at him. Cane knocks Monet on the floor. All he offers is an extended hand and she smacks it away. He leaves.

Cane visits Lorenzo in prison and complains his mom isn’t running the business right. His dad tells him Monet is the boss and to fall in line. He advises him to learn the trade so when it’s his turn, he’ll know what to do. They hug and part ways.

But first, Cane receives a beatdown from several guards while in the prison corridor. Toward the end, Lorenzo comes in and warns Cane to never put hands on his wife again.

Tasha calls Tariq with her suspicions about what MacLean knows and 2-Bit. He tells her to calm down. Ott curses Saxe out about court. In the final scene, 2-Bit walks out of prison a free man.