‘Southern Charm:’ Did Craig Conover Ever Hook up with Kathryn Dennis?

When Southern Charm viewers met Kathryn Dennis, she was entangled in a few romances with various cast members.

Season one of the show revealed a romance between Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. Plus she and Shep Rose had a romantic interlude (or seven) as well. Although Rose and Ravenel admitted to hooking up with Dennis, viewers assumed Craig Conover also shared a romantic evening with Dennis.

Craig Conover
Craig Conover | Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

When Conover appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen he set the record straight about Dennis on the After Show. A caller asked Conover if he has hooked up with Dennis recently after their hookup during season one.

What happened during season one?

When the caller asked the question, Conover looked downright flummoxed. During season one, it was obvious Conover caught feelings for Dennis and ultimately seemed a little wounded toward the end of the season.

In fact, it was Conover who pointed out Dennis hooked up with three people at a dinner party Ravenel hosted on the show. Dennis was furious with Conover and tried to bounce him from Ravenel’s home after he made the proclamation.

But the three people Dennis hooked up with were Ravenel, Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith. Conover was not on that list even though he clearly wouldn’t have minded.

But did they ever hook up?

Even if he didn’t hook up with Dennis during season one, there was the illustrious night when the two slept on the beach. The group journeyed to Jekyll Island and Dennis, at the time, was dating Ravenel. Somehow Conover and Dennis were stranded on a beach after the golf cart they were driving ran out of battery charge.

Conover and Dennis insisted they didn’t hook up, but viewers and other cast members weren’t entirely sure. However, Cameran Eubanks blogged about the situation at the time. “No, I do not think they hooked up. I do however think they had no business driving a golf cart at 3am. It’s a miracle nobody was hurt.” Even then, Eubanks’ mother instincts kicked in.

Is Conover still interested in Dennis?

When the caller asked Conover about being romantic with Dennis he set the record straight. “I’ve actually never kissed Kathryn,” he said looking confused. “No, we’re like sister brother. I’ve never kissed her. I love her like a sister.”

Even though Conover says he and Dennis have a sibling-type relationship, he shares one reason why they never connected romantically. “Truthfully, once she hooked up with Shep, it sounds bad but, I’m not really into girls who have hooked up with Shep,” he admits.

Host Andy Cohen then wonders how Conover even dates since Charleston is a pretty small place. “We’re into very different girls,” Conover says. “But no honestly, Kathryn and I never even kissed.”

When Cohen asks who has better-looking girls, Conover says he and Rose simply have different tastes. “We have different tastes,” he reiterates. “He does great, everyone has fun.”