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Twenty-Five Twenty-One may be over, but fans are still in disarray. The Netflix Korean drama had fans teetering on edge to know the outcome between Baek Yi-jin and Na Hee-do. Many fan theories about the K-drama speculated whether or not Yi-jin could be the father of Hee-do’s present-day daughter Min-chae. Fans got their answer by the finale episode. According to sources, Twenty-Five Twenty-One filmed a scene with Min-chae’s birth father.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Twenty-Five Twenty-One.]

Character Min-chae from 'Twenty-Five Twenty-One' wearing pink blouse
Character Min-chae from ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ | via Netflix

The story of Min-chae and her father remains a mystery in ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’

Without intending to, Twenty-Five Twenty-One has fans on edge during the entire duration of the drama due to Min-chae. She is the daughter of Hee-do in the present time. She finds her mother’s diaries and learns about her teenage years and Baek Yi-jin, her first love.

Fans soon started to speculate about the outcome of the K-drama, from trailer songs to red herrings. Many started to question if Hee-do and Yi-jin make it as a couple and are married, resulting in Min-chae being their daughter. There were too many errors to consider the theories true.

As the K-drama went on and fans watched Hee-do and Yi-jin’s relationship, the answer became clear. By Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 16, fans come to the heartbreaking realization they broke up for good, and Min-chae is the result of Hee-do marrying someone else. The unanswered question remains, who is Min-chae’s father?

There is a deleted and unaired scene with Min-chae and her father

The mystery of who Hee-do married will never likely be answered. The K-drama’s main focus was the trials, tribulations, and glories of someone’s first love. It told the story of what it means to experience love during youthful years and into adulthood. Fans are still lamenting the heartbreaking ending to Twenty-Five Twenty-One because of it.

It is safe to say the biggest quarrel fans have with the K-drama is Min-chae’s father. But the writers had originally planned and written a scene with his involvement. According to KBIZoom, the mother of a child actor posted photos of the filmed scene on her Instagram.

The photos show the child actor, playing the role of a younger Min-chae, waiting for the preschool bus. She stands alongside a man holding hands. The man is in no question meant to be her father and Hee-do’s husband. For obvious reasons, the scene was edited out or deleted during the editing process. The photos of the Twenty-Five Twenty-One deleted scene prove he exists, but they sadly do not show the actor’s face.

The mother of the child actor captioned her Instagram post with, “It was such a regret that the scene in which little Min-chae went to kindergarten filmed last August was edited out, so I post the shooting record…Although it was only a short scene, I was so into watching the main actors in this lifetime drama. It was such an honor just to be with you all…! I didn’t want it to end, but I’m saying goodbye to the drama in tears.”

What evidence do fans have about Min-chae’s father in ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’?


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In the hunt to find clues that Yi-jin could be Min-chae’s father, they all disproved the theories. The biggest error is when Min-chae reads her mother’s journals and has no idea who Yi-jin is. If he were her father, she would likely know his name. The same is said when she sees a group photo of the characters.

There is also the added detail that Min-chae’s last name in Twenty-Five Twenty-One is Kim, not Baek. In the K-drama’s epilogue scene, fans also noticed that Yi-jin is not wearing a wedding ring. He also did not wear one when he interviewed Hee-do after congratulating her on her wedding.

It is safe to say Twenty-Five Twenty-One was impactful in ways more than one. It taught fans about first love, youth, friendship, and never to get one’s hopes up about the outcome.