‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Finale: Questions Fans Will Never Get a Clear Answer to

Netflix’s K-drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One reached its finale on April 3 and had fans heartbroken over the reality between the main characters. Fans were clamoring to know if Hee-do and Yi-jin’s love would prevail to the very end. The finale closed a chapter in Hee-do’s life but left some questions and inquiries about the storyline and characters fans sadly will never get an answer to.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Twenty-Five Twenty-One.]

Actors Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk in 'Twenty-Five Twenty-One' finale sitting in bus.
Actors Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk in ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ | via tvN

Does adult Hee-do still talk to her old friends in ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ finale?

The storyline is built on Hee-do’s present-day daughter, Min-chae, reading her diary from her teenage years. Not much is known about adult Hee-do besides that she is still well regarded for her fencing career and now owns a woodshop.

But in the present-day scenes, fans never get to see the adult versions of Yoo-rim and Ji-ung. This leads to whether or not Hee-do has kept in touch with them after so many years. It is hard to fathom that they drifted apart despite their close bond in the past.

While there is no clear answer, there are clues to suggest Hee-do really let go of her past. When Min-chae asks her about the beach trip she took with them and Yi-jin as teenagers, she has no recollection. If she were still in touch with them, she would likely remember. Yoo-rim opens a fencing school in the Twenty-Five Twenty-One finale, and Ji-ung runs a successful online clothing store. They also get married.

Seung-wan went to college and is the producer of a variety show. The final scenes suggest Hee-do lost touch with them. She says, “Looking back, every day was a practice. The moments when I dared to say everything would last forever.” Hee-do explains that the memory of their summer together is what she holds on to.

Hee-do’s mother says she recently saw Yi-jin

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Since the beginning of the K-drama, fans had an inkling that something occurred between Yi-jin and Hee-do in their youth. The storyline up to episode four gave away that Hee-do has not seen Yi-jin in a long time. While Min-chae learns more about her mother’s past, Hee-do’s mother also recounts what happened.

When she meets up with Hee-do over coffee, she shows her a group photo of the friend group around a table eating dinner. It brings back memories for Hee-do and explains she and Yoo-rim still hated each other then. Hee-do’s mother laments over how many years have passed, and Hee-do says Yi-jin was only 22 at the time.

This is where fans were left scratching their heads. Hee-do’s mother says she met with him last month. Hee-do is left looking shocked. Now with the Twenty-Five Twenty-One finale, fans have somewhat of an answer.

Fans learned Yi-jin took over the anchor position from Hee-do’s mother. She likely met with him due to work, but that is about it. Fans have no idea about their meeting or why she never told Hee-do by the Twenty-One Twenty-Five finale.

Fans will never know who Min-chae’s father is after the ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ finale

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The biggest mystery of all remains a mystery. Fans are upset over the outcome of Yi-jin and Hee-do’s relationship. To top it off, fans will never know who Min-chae’s father is. There have been multiple theories based on red herrings in the K-drama. One fan on Reddit explains, “To be fair, we’ve been warned multiple times. But man, this hurts like hell.”

A lot of the mystery surrounding the drama was fans holding onto hope that Yi-jin and Hee-do stayed together until the end. With this hope came speculations that Min-chae somehow had to be their daughter. Many clues disproved the theory, but fans still waited for a twist ending.

Fans learned a heartbreaking lesson about first loves by the Twenty-Five Twenty-One finale. The fact remains that who Hee-do marries remains a mystery. According to the interview, all fans are aware that she roughly got married in 2009. She has Min-chae around that time and has the surname Kim. Her father also works abroad.

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