TWICE’s ‘MORE & MORE’ Stuns Fans After the Comeback’s June 1 Release

Nine months of waiting have finally paid off. On June 1, TWICE brought the heat with their highly-anticipated MORE & MORE comeback. And of course, the summer mini-album and title track stunned fans right in their tracks.

TWICE drops the ‘MORE & MORE’ mini-album and music video

For the past few weeks, the nine members of TWICE — Jihyo, Nayeon, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, and Tzuyu — have been teasing their ninth-mini album, MORE & MORE, from spoilers on VLIVE to previews on JYP Entertainment’s social media channels. The EP is the group’s first Korean release in 2020, following Feel Special in September 2019. 

When TWICE’s MORE & MORE was released on June 1, the group unveiled seven fresh songs — “MORE & MORE,” “OXYGEN,” “FIREWORK,” “MAKE ME GO,” “SHADOW,” “DON’T CALL ME AGAIN,” and “SWEET SUMMER DAY.” The mini-album also received over 500,000 stock pre-orders, which sets a new record for the band.  

Meanwhile, TWICE delivered a colorful music video for their title track. The new song allowed each individual member to come through, including a dance break featuring Momo. And less than 24-hours after “MORE & MORE” was released, the video received over 10 million views on YouTube. 

TWICE fans react to ‘MORE & MORE

Following the release of TWICE’s MORE & MORE album, fans expressed their excitement on all forms of social media. 

“I just wanna say I LOVE the musical direction they’ve been taking,” a fan wrote on Reddit. “Their discography is just so good, and this album is an amazing addition.”

Then some members of ONCE celebrated TWICE’s growth with the MORE & MORE comeback. 

“They made fun of Feel Special for not reaching #1 on Melon, and now MORE & MORE is the fastest gg song to reach #1 on Melon,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “They made fun of Twicecoaster album for being surpassed by a 3 month album, and now m&m surpassed 500k copies, biggest f*u by TWICE.”

Meanwhile, many TWICE fans reacted to “MORE & MORE” as the band’s title track. And although some fans noticed the song isn’t quite like “Feel Special” or “Fancy,” they still look forward to what’s to come.

“The chorus isn’t as catchy as Fancy/Feel Special but it makes me really excited to see how TWICE will grow from here on,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

But even so, most applauded TWICE’s choreography in the music video. Then when the group performed “MORE & MORE” during their special live event, fans got to enjoy every second up close.

“TWICE’s 1st live performance of MORE & MORE!! This choreo is so intense but they performed it SO well,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “You did amazing.”

TWICE explains the ‘MORE & MORE’ concept

TWICE at The 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards
TWICE | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

It’s clear TWICE’s MORE & MORE is connecting with fans across the world. But what is the narrative behind the mini-album? Recently, the band opened up about their latest concept.

“When you fall in love, you want to more about that person,” Nayeon said, per translation by Soompi. “It’s an album that reflects that desire to know more and want more of the person you fall in love with.”

The group also explained there are two visual concepts – hippie and nature. Jeonyeong described the hippie concept as “bold” and “free.” Meanwhile, Jihyo noted the nature concept is “pure and clean.” Then Mina shared how the two are related.

“Though they feel different, the two share a common theme of looking for something in the forest,” Mina said. “If the hippie concept is like a free spirit that is wandering through the forest, then the nature concept is like when fairies are roaming the forest.”

Once again, TWICE proves their impact on the industry is here to stay with the release of MORE & MORE. And as the band’s latest comeback leaves us wanting more, we can’t wait to see what the nonet does next. 

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