TWICE’s ‘Feel Special’ Promotions Have Fans Falling Head Over Heels

After weeks of teasers and buildup, JYP Entertainment finally dropped TWICE’s Feel Special comeback on Sept. 23. The K-pop queens — Jihyo, Nayeon, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, and Tzuyu — returned with glitzy visuals and flawless tunes that prove just how much the K-pop girl group has matured in the past four years. And unsurprisingly, fans flocked to social media to express their excitement.

JYP Entertainment drops TWICE’s ‘Feel Special’ album and music video

Members of TWICE
Members of TWICE | TPG/Getty Images

When TWICE released their eighth mini-album, the group dropped seven new songs. Featured are the “Feel Special” title track and the Korean version of the Japanese single, “Breakthrough.” The album also includes B-side tracks written by the members of TWICE, such as “Rainbow” penned by Nayeon, “Get Loud” composed by Jihyo, and “21:29” created by all nine members.

Meanwhile, the group simultaneously dropped the music video for “Feel Special.” In the title track video, the members performed a masterpiece that was somehow fancier than “Fancy.” The nine women danced the night away in glamorous outfits. But most notably, TWICE sang to lyrics written by J.Y. Park that illustrated an invaluable message.

As reported by Billboard, Park explained the lyrics for “Feel Special” reflected the feelings of TWICE members. For example, Mina’s solo came across as deeply personal, especially since it follows her anxiety diagnosis.

“I just wanted to hide/ Didn’t wanna face the world/ As if everything has lost meaning/ As if I have lost meaning/ I just sat there still,” Mina sings, per Billboard.

Fans react to TWICE’s ‘Feel Special’ comeback

When the TWICE comeback was unveiled, fans were quick to comment their thoughts on social media. Aside from Mina’s heartfelt verse, fans also noticed Momo was without bangs, Jihyo’s powerful dance, and Dahyun’s clever rap — among a few other things. But overall, it seems the girl group has — yet another — hit on their hands. And honestly, are you surprised? The answer is no.

“After a long time, ‘Feel Special’ came out and Mina has become as beautiful as ever. I love her smile,” one fan shared on Twitter. “Momo without bangs, wow and Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon as beautiful as ever as Tzuyu with that crown and Dahyun’s beautiful rap, I love them so much.”

“How did they manage to put such meaningful and emotional lyrics into a hard slapping EDM type of track?” another fan tweeted. “What is this magic?”

Other fans also took the time to recognize TWICE’s concept and love for one another in the title track.

“If you need a healthy dose of girls supporting girls, dipped in 24k gold… check out twice’s new song,” YouTuber Safiya Nygaard wrote. “I can only describe their new aesthetic as ‘expensive.'”

Why isn’t Mina involved in the live promos?

Despite her involvement in the new music video and album, Mina isn’t taking part in any live promotions. As mentioned, Mina was recently diagnosed with anxiety.

“After checking with specialised medical institutions, it was confirmed that anxiety disorder is the diagnosis for Mina’s current health condition,” JYPE explained in a statement, per E! News.

However, as the Feel Special comeback drew nearer, JYPE revealed Mina’s return would depend on a few key factors. The company also hinted at her “selective participation” in promotions.

“On the premise with this variable situation, Mina herself, members and [the] company are deciding together through consultation about Mina’s participation of any schedule,” JYPE told Billboard. “Moreover, as Mina’s schedule participation must be based on objective health situation, we request for fans’ kind consideration in regards to her selective participation is inevitable.”

Nevertheless, the remaining eight members still managed to keep Mina’s presence alive in the TWICE Feel Special comeback showcase. And despite her absence, fans noticed Mina’s determination.

“Before this day ends let’s not forget that this era is for our little penguin who keeps fighting and doing her best for us,” a fan tweeted. “Thank you so much for your hardwork our pengu!! Rest well and comeback as yourself. We will wait.”

No matter how you look at it, TWICE has done it again. Their Feel Special comeback has fans deep in their own feels. And — dare we say it — the release could be the girl group’s best era yet.

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