Twitter Can’t Get Enough of Sylvia Weinstock on ‘Chopped Sweets’

Pastry chef legend and celebrity cake designer, Sylvia Weinstock, just popped up on Food Network’s new show, Chopped Sweets, and foodies are beside themselves. Here’s the scoop on the new series and Weinstock’s involvement in the show.

Sylvia Weinstock
Sylvia Weinstock | Manny Hernandez/Getty Images

What is ‘Chopped Sweets’?

“So nobody told me that they have a Chopped Sweets,” tweeted a fan. This sentiment is common for a series in its freshman season. But the impressive Twitter buzz may help the show find a solid audience.

Chopped Sweets is Food Network’s spinoff of the wildly popular cooking competition series, Chopped. Like its predecessor, the show pits chefs against each other in a battle to create the most delicious dishes. But in a twist, the culinary masterminds on Chopped Sweets are tasked with concocting dessert dishes only.

Every episode begins with four contestants, trained pastry chefs, vying for the top spot. In each round, the competitors receive four mystery items that they must incorporate into their dishes.

Culinary pros who serve as judges eliminate one chef at a time. After three rounds, a champion is named, and the winner leaves with $10,000 and ultimate bragging rights. In each episode, the competition is stiff, the food creations are decadent, and the show is a lot of fun to watch.

Twitter is buzzing about ‘Chopped Sweets’

“I am watching Chopped Sweets on the Food Network. I have been waiting for this show all day,” admitted a viewer.

Chopped Sweets amps up the on-camera drama with cooking curveballs. The pastry chefs are required to incorporate interesting ingredients like snail caviar, habanero sauce, and even chocolate covered super worms into their dishes.

“Worms….? Aww hell,” reacted one fan on Twitter.

The shocking ingredients keep the chefs guessing, the fans talking, and the competition burning hot. Like the original Chopped series, Chopped Sweets features a revolving door of judges, each of whom brings different insights and experiences to the table. Recently, the show welcomed cake design guru Sylvia Weinstock in a guest judging spot.

“Sylvia Weinstock on Chopped Sweets? Wow…she is a treasure,” gushed a viewer.

Dessert O.G. Sylvia Weinstock is in the mix

Cooking competition fans may recognize Weinstock as a guest judge on Nailed It, and primetime viewers may remember seeing her pop up on Gossip Girl. But fans who appreciate the artistry of cakes know Weinstock as a game-changer in the decorated cakes industry.

“Sylvia Weinstock’s cake flowers are legendary,” said one admirer.

Another enthusiast exclaimed, “Sylvia Weinstock is da bomb on Chopped Sweets. Totally love her… just saying!”

And the admiration just kept rolling in with tweets like this one that reads, “Sylvia, you are my most favorite person ever. Just learned about you from Nailed It. Now we are watching you on Chopped Sweets. Hope you are staying safe and healthy. The world needs you!!!”

With any luck, the show will welcome back Weinstock for another episode. Chopped Sweets airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. on Food Network. Fans can catch an encore of the episode that features Weinstock, season 1 episode 11, on April 14 at 1 p.m. on Food Network.

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