Twitter Reacts: Don’t F**k With (Thunder) Cats as Fans Fume Over Cartoon Network’s ‘ThunderCats’ Reboot

This winter the Netflix documentary Don’t F**k With Cats had everyone talking. Now, another cat-themed project has set Twitter ablaze. ThunderCats Roar, Cartoon Network’s reboot of the 80’s cartoon ThunderCats, is set to premiere Feb. 22.

While the show hasn’t launched yet, fans have not responded well to the promos. They have — it seems — seen enough already. The consensus: Don’t f**k with (Thunder) Cats.

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Twitter roars: Don’t f**k with (Thunder) Cats

Fans are in a tizzy over ThunderCats Roar, and the tweets have been catty, to say the least. Some are even claiming to have suffered a physical reaction from seeing images of the reboot.

“I just saw a commercial for ThunderCats Roar for the first time, and I literally almost threw up. I flipped out. My son was cracking up, but I was SO hurt. I told him this weekend we’re doing a REAL ThunderCats marathon. ThunderCats Roar…not on my watch,” one user tweeted.

“This show is blasphemy against the REAL #Thundercats,” another fan barbed.

One fan expressed confusion in a tweet that read, “Um….what the hell is #thundercatsroar supposed to be???? Because it can’t seriously be #ThunderCats This show is a HARD no.”

Another viewer sniped, “This is what’s wrong with our youth…. Take a look at the reboot of #thundercats on @cartoonnetwork.”

This Twitter storm of comments might be an indication that ThunderCats Roar may receive a chilly reception when it premieres on Cartoon Network. However, the show could manage to find an audience. Despite the outrage that many fans are expressing over ThunderCats Roar, not all reactions have been negative. There appears to be a few fans who are on board with the show.

As one user asked, “What’s not to like?”

You won’t have to wait long to find out. ThunderCats Roar premieres on Cartoon Network. But eager fans can stream the first episodes now on the Cartoon Network app or

‘ThunderCats’ of the 1980s

ThunderCats ran from 1985-1989. It was an animated sci-fi fantasy cartoon with intense action sequences and magical elements. The story followed a technologically advanced group of cat-like beings who escaped a natural disaster on their planet, Thundera. They settled on Third Earth and experienced many adventures.

The ThunderCats were serious about their missions, and the stakes were often high. The series allowed for authentic conflict between the heroes and villains, with moments of levity only allowed after winning a battle.

Each ThunderCat possessed unique abilities and skills. The primary villain on the show was the sorcerer, Mumm-Ra who enlisted the Mutants to do his bidding in his war against the ThunderCats.

Fans who grew up watching ThunderCats enjoyed the sophisticated animation style and exciting story arcs. Other than the familiar theme song, the forthcoming reboot appears to have little in common with the original.

‘ThunderCats Roar’ today

Cartoon Network’s ThunderCats Roar is based on the original ThunderCats premise, but the network has totally overhauled the 80’s classic.

Stylistically, ThunderCats Roar is animated in an artistic genre that some art buffs call “CalArts” or “chibi.” compares the style of animation to shows like Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe. Instead of the lifelike animations of the original ThunderCats, the ThunderCats Roar characters are drawn with comically exaggerated features.

The narrative tone of ThunderCats Roar also takes a more lighthearted, juvenile approach compared to the earlier iteration of ThunderCats. This time, the drama is placed on the back burner in favor of lighthearted humor. The heroes are loony and the villains are tame.

The bottom line: ThunderCats had grit. ThunderCats Roar opts for laughs.