Twitter Reacts to the ‘Batwoman’ Season 1 Finale Cliffhanger

The Batwoman Season 1 finale revealed secrets, exposed threats, and tested relationships. Aside from the obligatory villain of the week story, the episode set up the Bat Team and their enemies for what could be a perilous second season. And viewers have had a lot to say about the state of affairs in Gotham City. With that in mind, we gathered some of the most insightful tweets about the Batwoman Season 1 finale. [Spoiler warning: This article contains details about Batwoman Season 1 Episode 20, “O, Mouse!”

'Batwoman' star Ruby Rose
‘Batwoman’ star Ruby Rose | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

‘Batwoman’ did not deliver the finale that writers had planned, but it gave fans a lot of what they wanted

Like many television productions around the world, season 1 of Batwoman had to be cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, episode 20, titled “O, Mouse!” served as the finale.

Although it was not the planned finale, “O, Mouse!” dished out plenty of juicy bits to chew on until next season. Fans agreed that the final cliffhanger served as a fitting ending for Batwoman’s first season.

While it wasn’t intended to be the finale, this week’s Batwoman works well as a season-ender. So cool that they’re finally bringing in you-know-who, sort of. Makes me much more excited for Season 2,” tweeted one enthusiast.

Fans are not thrilled that Commander Kane double-crossed Batwoman

In the finale, Commander Kane agreed to bury the hatchet and join forces with Batwoman to take down a dangerous perp. Kate was optimistic that her dad could finally see her alter ego as an ally rather than a criminal, so she soldiered up with the Crows in a joint operation. But once the threat was eliminated, the Commander led the Crows in a violent assault against Batwoman.

Thanks to her bullet-proof Bat Suit, Gotham’s protector escaped. While Batwoman wasn’t physically wounded, the woman behind the mask was emotionally broken by her father’s hate-filled actions.

“Honestly, Jacob Kane and the Crows are just as much villains as everyone one else in Gotham,” barbed a Twitter user. That sentiment reverberated across social media with viewers who were not pleased with Commander Kane’s dishonorable behavior.

Alice took out Mouse and re-invented Bruce Wayne


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With Alice and Mouse at odds, it was only a matter of time before things turned ugly. In the finale, Mouse decided it was time to cut his losses and leave Gotham City — with or without Alice.

In true Alice form, she could not let go of her vendetta against Kate and Jacob Kane. So, she chose to stay in Gotham and end her surrogate brother’s life rather than set him free.

Before long, Kate’s twisted sister was back to her old tricks, making Tommy ‘Hush’ Elliot a new skin mask in the image of Bruce Wayne. That reveal made for one doozy of a cliffhanger, and Twitter was buzzing over it.

“Alice killed Mouse? And turned Tommy into Bruce? I love this show,” wrote one Twitter user.

“We got ourselves a CW Batman. Only took us a decade,” quipped another.