‘Ty Breaker’ Host Ty Pennington Reacts to ‘Love It or List It’ Comparison — ‘I Get Up Close and Personal’

There are dozens of home renovation shows out there mostly because HGTV viewers can’t get enough of them. There’s something so satisfying about watching other people transform outdated spaces into stunning examples of home design. The new series Ty Breaker on HGTV is no exception.

With so many options, some shows are bound to seem similar. But listening to the premise of Ty Breaker makes some fans wonder if it’s a direct copy of the HGTV mainstay, Love It or List It. Host Ty Pennington recently explained to TV Insider how exactly his new Discovery series differs from the original concept.

‘Ty Breaker’ involves some friendly competition

The official description for Ty Breaker says the show is about assisting homeowners with making a huge life decision.

“With help from other designers, Ty Pennington helps conflicted homeowners decide whether to overhaul their current home or renovate a different property to suit their needs,” the description reads. During the series, the former Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host will face off against several designers including Alison Victoria, Sabrina Soto, and Grace Mitchell.

Pennington’s goal is convincing show participants to stay in their current house. Meanwhile, the other designers will work on the opposite goal, hoping they convince them to move into a customized new home instead. No wonder viewers are getting distinct Love It or List It vibes.

‘Love It or List It’ began the ‘should they stay or go’ debate on HGTV

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With 15 seasons and more than 150 episodes since its premiere in 2008, it’s safe to say that Love It or List It is one of the most iconic shows on the network. The series follows real estate expert David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr as they compete to convince homeowners to listen to their advice.

Farr renovates their home trying to convince homeowners to stay while Visentin seeks out real estate for sale, hoping he can convince them to move. The two engage in friendly banter throughout as they both try to “win.”

But Pennington claims there’s at least one difference between his new show and the original.

‘Ty Breaker’ host Ty Pennington says his new show is unique

Ty Pennington
Ty Pennington | Zach Pagano/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

During an interview with TV Insider, the host of the new HGTV series dished on what set Ty Breaker apart.

“I was never one to be thought of as just another thing. The idea that people have to decide if they are going to stay in the place they have or move into another place,” he responded when asked if his show was like Love It or List It.

He continued, “Everyone goes through that. It’s the reality of life. I just try to make it more entertaining. I live with the family a little bit and really get to know them and why they have certain issues with their house. Whether that’s brushing my teeth with the entire family or camping in their backyard or taking a shower in their private shower.”

Pennington insists that digging deeper makes his show unique. “Let’s just say I get up close and personal with the families we are helping,” he said. “Just because I think that’s the best way to understand what needs to change but also you get to understand who they are. They understand you too. It adds fun to the show. Let’s just say there is no private area I won’t go to really dive deep into what their situation is.”

Ty Breaker premieres on HGTV Monday, Jan. 11 at 9 ET on HGTV.