Tyra Banks Is Reportedly Pissed About Jay Manuel’s New Book

Jay Manuel’s new book is causing quite the stir. The beauty guru is sharing his experiences in a new fictional novel, loosely based on his work alongside Tyra Banks in reality television on America’s Next Top Model. Manuel’s opening up about the rift in his relationship with Banks in recent interviews and Banks is reportedly not happy about the book.

Tyra Banks and Jay Manuel
Tyra Banks and Jay Manuel via Twitter

Jay Manuel’s new book is a satire of his time working on ‘ANTM’

Manuel’s role on ANTM as the creative director put him at the forefront of the show. After four cycles as a creative director, he transitioned into a producer and judge during elimination rounds.

Manuel and Banks’ relationship was not just in business. They were also close friends and Manuel worked as Banks’ makeup artist.

Manuel grew increasingly frustrated with the show as time went on and claims the culture behind the scenes became toxic. He did not renew his contract after cycle 18.

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His new fictional novel, The Wig, The Bitch, & the Meltdown, gives an exaggerated account of his time working on the show alongside Banks. The story follows fashion expert Pablo Michaels working alongside a supermodel turned reality competition show host and all that he experiences. 

Though Manuel admits that there are certain elements of his book about his work on ANTM, he insists that he pulls from all of his career experiences for stories he includes in the novel.

Tyra Banks is reportedly angry over Jay Manuel’s new book

Banks is apparently not happy with Manuel’s new book. The Jasmine Brand reports that Banks is so upset that she’s in talks with other members of the ANTM family. Banks is allegedly requesting that no one help Manuel with promotion of any kind.

“Tyra is not happy about the book. There was some kind of meeting with Tyra [and] some sort of message was sent out regarding the book coming out. A couple of months ago, she asked a lot of the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ family to not interact with Jay and to not support the book.”

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The report also alleges that former ANTM runway coach and judge, Miss J, has been persuaded by Banks in not helping Manuel with promotion. Miss J was a scheduled guest on Manuel’s Instagram live show Jay’s Chat to speak about the book but allegedly pulled out at the last minute with no explanation.

Miss J and Manuel have participated in joint Instagram Live sessions previously so Miss J’s absence is suspicious to many fans.

Jay Manuel admits he has no current contact with Tyra Banks

Manuel admitted in a recent interview with E! News’ Just The Sip that he and Banks’ relationship took a turn for the worst when Manuel chose to step away from ANTM after cycle 4. He says Banks’ only response was that she was disappointed and their relationship never “recovered.” 

Though Manuel would return for the show for additional seasons, their bond remained broken. Manuel says Banks did offer an apology for her behavior toward her years later.

When speaking with Bevy Smith on her podcast, Manuel says he and Banks are not currently in contact, but that they’ve emailed in recent years. He maintains that he has nothing but love for Banks.