Tyra Banks on Her Wardrobe Mistake on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and a Possible Change for Next Season

It looks like this season of Dancing with the Stars was a learning curve for its new host. Tyra Banks was open about some of her missteps along the way. Season 29 is now done and she reflected on her wardrobe mistake.

Tyra Banks made a fashion change for ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Tyra Banks on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Tyra Banks on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

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Banks took on the role of hosting for season 29. Cheryl Burke teased that the fashion on the show is also going to change because of that.

“She mentioned something about like having her Sports Illustrated photographer there. I don’t know when these promo shoots are happening but I’m so excited,” Burke told Entertainment Tonight.

The dancer explained, “She wants to bring like fashion to ballroom in a way. And I’m like as long as I can cha-cha and feel good in it then I’m down for whatever.” Fans definitely noticed and had a lot to say about it.

Fans didn’t like her finale looks

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Banks wore a baby blue couture dress for the Dancing with the Stars finale. She tweeted, “Sneaking up on you with those sneakers under my couture baby blue dress. @DancingABC finale is LIVE on east coast now!!!”

Fans weren’t a fan of the look. Some compared it to a “loofah” on Reddit. Other fans also compared her to Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci) in The Hunger Games.

Her last dress of the night had a metallic top and the bottom of it was tulle. Banks tweeted about her more comfortable shoes, but the host admitted that it took her some time to learn to wear them.

Her toes went numb because of her mistake

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Banks made sure to bring the fashion this season. But it didn’t always go over well. “Toward the end [of the season] we realized we had to write down [the steps of outfit changes]. It’s written down, so they’re yelling it to me as we go,” the host told Entertainment Tonight. “There were a couple of instances where I was holding my clothes up and hosting live TV and not everybody necessarily knew that.”

She also learned another lesson the hard way. The producer said she’ll have to change her shoe game if she returns next season.

“Another thing is more comfy shoes,” Banks said. “I had my second and third toe go numb on me for five days after last week’s outfit because those shoes were not comfy.”

Of course, she also hopes to get to wear more outfits too. Banks said maybe she’ll get up to 30 outfits next time.

She has been open about making mistakes this season while hosting. But Banks claimed records were broken in terms of ratings this season. We’ll later find out if some of the changes that were made for season 29 will stay next season.