‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: ‘Brothers, Sisters, Everybody,’ the Clock is Ticking

A little over halfway through season 2 of The Umbrella Academy and the Hargreeves siblings finally have a way out. But before they go, there are some loose ends to tie up. And at least one person is going to get their body rocked, so to speak. Confused? Read on, but remember: Spoilers ahead for The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 7: “Öga for Öga.”

Back to the future

Five arrives in 1982 at the convention. He tracks down the Board of Directors and brutally slaughters them one by one. AJ escapes, but Five quickly finds him, smashing his fishbowl. He takes the fish back to the Handler, who gives him a briefcase and says he has 90 minutes to gather his siblings before he’s transported back to 2019.

Five gets back to Elliott’s to see Diego and Luther trying to figure out the “eye for an eye” message left by the Swedes. He explains it to them and hands them synchronized watches, saying they each need to get one of their siblings and meet back in the alley. Diego objects, still wanting to save JFK, but obliges.

Love hurts

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In an out-of-character move, Klaus agrees to let Ben possess him so that he can spend time with his love interest, Jill. But his time is cut short when Diego shows up to get Klaus. Ben proves that it’s him in Klaus’ body, and Diego agrees to meet him in the alley because he has his own errand to run: Burying Elliott.

While digging the grave, Lila shows up. She toasts to Elliott. But when Diego drinks from her flask, he collapses, drugged. She takes him to the Handler’s office at the Commission, where Lila is now head of security. Meanwhile, Klaus and Ben are fighting over Klaus’ body. They leave the mansion with the parting words of the Backstreet Boys.

The Swedish goodbye

Luther comes to get Allison, and she doesn’t know if she can go back, even if it means she gets to see her daughter, Claire, again. Luther tells her they’ll never have normal lives, but they have to have hope they can make a change. Ray arrives home to Allison crying.

Allison asks Ray to come with her., telling him, “The movement’s not finished, not even in 2019.” He says he has to stay. Allison says she can use her power to make him forget her, but he won’t let her. The Swedes show up, and Ray and Allison fight them. She uses her ability to make one kill the other, then the one left runs away.

Back to the future part 2

(L to R) Marin Ireland as Sissy and Ellen Page as Vanya Hargreeves in 'The Umbrella Academy'
(L to R) Marin Ireland as Sissy and Ellen Page as Vanya Hargreeves in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ | Netflix

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Carl tells Vanya he knows about her and Sissy. He threatens to send Harlan away to an institution if Vanya doesn’t leave. Five comes to get Vanya, and they argue. She won’t leave without Sissy and threatens to use her powers. After a standoff, she agrees but says she has to say goodbye. So Five makes the same mistake his brothers did, and leaves.

As time ticks away, only Luther and Five are at the location. Klaus and Ben arrive, still struggling, and Klaus projectile vomits Ben out of him. As the seconds count down, Five flings the briefcase into the air, and it disappears through a portal, leaving them behind.

Vanya tells Sissy everything, saying they have to get out. Driving away, Vanya, Sissy, and Harlan get pulled over by Carl’s brother-in-law, a cop. Vanya uses her power, but when she’s distracted, one of them hits her, knocking her out.