‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2: 5 Questions We Want Answered in Season 3

For fans of The Umbrella Academy who have already finished season 2, the focus is on the future. Given its popularity, and that cliffhanger ending, a swift season 3 renewal is expected. There are plenty of questions left to answer. Here are the who, what, when, where, and how we want to learn. (Spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 2 ahead.)

Who are the members of the Sparrow Academy?

Justin H. Min as Ben Hargreeves in 'The Umbrella Academy'
Justin H. Min as Ben Hargreeves in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ | Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

The biggest question is, of course, the one we’re left with at the end. Reginald knows who Luther, Klaus, Five, Vanya, Diego, and Allison are when they arrive, having met them in 1963. But he doesn’t know them as his adopted children. Reginald calls their home the Sparrow Academy, and then a group of six, led by Ben, arrive.

It’s clear the Hargreeves siblings (as we know them) have altered the timeline. This was shown in subtle ways in season 2, like when Dave enlisted days before he was supposed to due to Klaus’ intervention. We know Ben, but now, it looks like there are more super-powered humans to learn about in season 3.

What are Reginald’s alien origins?

Speaking of the academy, we now have another chance to learn more about the Hargreeves patriarch. The Umbrella Academy Season 1 hinted that he was not of this world, and this was confirmed with season 2 when he takes off his human disguise and kills the rest of the Majestic 12.

Even though he’s used very realistic masks to depict his “aging” over the years, Reginald isn’t exactly the most subtle of characters. Does that mean we’re going to finally learn where he comes from and what he’s capable of? This is a subject from the comics that would be interesting to explore.

Where did Lila go?

In The Umbrella Academy Season 2 finale, Lila’s full abilities are revealed. She’s not just a well-trained assassin, she has powers, which involve mimicking those of whoever she’s fighting. Diego and the rest of the Hargreeves siblings realize that she’s one of them, and welcome her to be a part of their family.

But given the opportunity, Lila instead used a briefcase to disappear. Though Luther tries to stop her, Diego lets her go, saying its “because I love her.” That leads us to believe that he knows where she’s going. Given what she’s learned about her biological parents’ death, perhaps she went to save them. But we may never know.

When could the Handler return?

Lila escapes because the woman who raised her, the Handler, is killed. When Five reverses time in the barn, he takes her weapon, saving his siblings and Lila, but allowing the remaining Swedish assassin to kill the Handler. At least, she looks like she’s dead. But we’ve said that before.

With a series like The Umbrella Academy, it’s not just a matter of where a character pops back up, but also when in time. If the Handler had another trick up her sleeve and survived this attack, will she make another appearance in 2019? Or is there another moment in time for her?

How did Ben die?


‘The Umbrella Academy’: How Did Ben Hargreeves Die?

Finally, there’s the question that we’ve had since The Umbrella Academy Season 1. There were originally seven Hargreeves kids, but Ben (aka No. 6), who had the power to wield giant tentacles that emerge from his abdomen, died in an accident when they were teenagers.

Season 2 gives a bit more insight into his character and shows his funeral, as well as the family’s disagreements over his death. But we still don’t learn anything other than that they were on an assignment. This is reflective of the source material. But with more comics on the way, and Ben alive, perhaps we’ll finally learn what happened in season 3.