‘Uncharted’ Star Mark Wahlberg Still Thinks Tom Holland Is the Best Spider-Man

Mark Wahlberg has believed in Tom Holland since the young actor’s first days as Spider-Man. The two Hollywood heartthrobs met back in 2017 on The Graham Norton Show; they’ve since formed a bond while working together on the new Uncharted film, which hits theaters later in February. During a recent interview, Wahlberg couldn’t help but shower his co-star with praise while discussing Holland’s box office hit, Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Mark Wahlberg, Sienna Miller, and Tom Holland on The Graham Norton Show in 2017.
Mark Wahlberg, Sienna Miller, and Tom Holland on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ in 2017 | Ian West/Getty Images

Mark Wahlberg gave Tom Holland awful advice when they first met

Wahlberg and Holland first crossed paths when they both appeared on The Graham Norton Show in 2017. Wahlberg had been there to discuss Transformers: The Last Knight, while Holland talked about his first run as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming. As a new kid in Hollywood, Holland happily accepted advice from Wahlberg about life as a celebrity — but it wasn’t very good advice.

“You haven’t been to jail, have you? … I went to jail before I had a career. [You’re] going to go to jail at some point during your career,” Wahlberg joked. “Don’t take any advice from me. The first check I got, I ran to the Mercedes dealer. I bought a car, I didn’t have money for registration or insurance. Police towed the vehicle because I was driving without insurance.”

Walhberg went on to tell Holland to move himself and his friends to Los Angeles, buy a hot tub, and get a medical marijuana card. The veteran actor had one plea for the newcomer: “Have some fun. … You’re a young, good-looking guy. Go have some fun.”

Mark Wahlberg has always thought Tom Holland was the best of the 3 Spider-Man iterations

Aside from giving him terrible life advice, Wahlberg also told Holland that he had already become the best Spider-Man actor. Five years later, the Entourage actor’s opinion hasn’t changed.

Holland and Wahlberg sat down with Yahoo! to talk about their work on Uncharted. However, Spider-Man: No Way Home came up, specifically Holland’s collaboration with former Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. The three web-slinging heroes banded together in the third act of the movie to put an end to the multiverse madness.

Although the team-up was a unifying experience for Holland, Garfield, and Maguire, Wahlberg still had to pick favorites.

“I could tell you for a fact, the first time I met Tom, I met him at The Graham Norton Show, and I told him he was by far the best Spider-Man,” the actor recalled. “And I said that then and I’m saying it now. So they had to come and pay respects to Tom, who’s elevating it a lot.”

Wahlberg gushed about the chemistry he and Holland share in the upcoming ‘Uncharted’ movie

Of course, Wahlberg’s opinion may be a little biased, considering how close he’s gotten with Holland in the past several months. In Uncharted, Holland plays a young treasure hunter named Nathan Drake, while Wahlberg plays Nathan’s mentor, Sully.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Wahlberg revealed that he and Holland “hit it off” when they first met and have since developed great chemistry, which is crucial for their partnership in the movie. He said:

The most important thing you’ve got to remember [when making a movie] is the chemistry, the relationship between the two of us. If you’re just fascinated with seeing what these guys do and how it turns out, ‘Are they gonna double cross each other? Are they gonna support each other? Are they gonna become partners?’ All the greatest movies that you’ve ever seen, [any] two-hander, is really reliant on the chemistry of the two guys. So I’m glad that that really worked out and shined through.

Fans can see Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland hunt treasure together when Uncharted hits theaters on Feb. 18.

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