‘Uncharted’ Netflix Release Hit With Unexpected Delay — Here’s the New Date

Months after its theatrical release, the Uncharted movie still isn’t safe from the curse of film industry delays. A few weeks ago, Netflix announced that the video game adaptation starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg would be available for streaming on July 15. However, the streaming service has since quietly pushed back Uncharted’s release by more than a month. Here’s what we know about the Uncharted movie’s Netflix delay and its new release date.

Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan and Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Uncharted, which received a delay on its Netflix release date
Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan and Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in ‘Uncharted’ | Sony Pictures

What is ‘Uncharted’ about?

Uncharted hit theaters back in February after years of development hell with casting changes and script rewrites. Serving as a prequel to the hit video game series of the same name, the film stars Holland as a young thief named Nathan Drake. A seasoned treasure hunter, Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Wahlberg), recruits Nathan to find a $5 billion fortune that once belonged to Ferdinand Magellan. Nathan agrees to help, hoping that it will lead to answers about his missing older brother, who once investigated the fortune himself.

Nathan and Sully head out on their first of what would become many adventures together. However, Nathan quickly learns that treasure hunting is a dangerous game, and few people can be trusted. He and Sully find themselves in a race to the gold as Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas), a ruthless and powerful man, vows to find the fortune first by any means necessary.

Uncharted also stars Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle. The film was directed by Ruben Fleischer, who previously led films like Venom and Zombieland.

‘Uncharted’ Netflix release date delayed by more than a month

Uncharted was originally set to land on Netflix on July 15, and no one announced any delay. However, many fans logged in with excitement on that date only to find a message stating that the film was “coming Aug. 19.” Uncharted had already been released on Netflix in other regions earlier in the week, but the U.S. was not included.

Many people took to Twitter to express disappointment and demand answers about the delay.

“Hey @netflix, can you explain why Uncharted is on your streaming service on Aug. 19 and not today like it was supposed to?” one tweet read.

“Duuude, Netflix has been advertising Uncharted coming out July 15 only to push it to Aug. 19. I was really looking forward to watching it this weekend too,” another user wrote.

Netflix has not yet addressed the delay at the time of this writing.

Uncharted’s release on Netflix comes as part of a larger deal with Sony for its slate of movies from 2022 through 2026. In addition to Uncharted, that includes titles like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Morbius. After Netflix, Uncharted should move to Disney+ under another deal with Disney.

Other ways to watch ‘Uncharted’ before its Netflix release

Those who can’t wait any longer to see Holland’s Nathan Drake in action do have some other options. Uncharted is currently available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital, each with more than one hour of bonus content. The film is also available to rent on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Apple TV, Google Play, and YouTube.

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