‘Uncharted’: Tom Holland Sets the Record Straight on His Height Difference With Mark Wahlberg Ahead of the Movie’s Release

Tom Holland is ready to get one Uncharted question out of the way — his height difference with co-star Mark Wahlberg. Many people seem to love talking about how tall the Spider-Man actor is, especially in comparison to those around him. When his new action movie releases in February, the topic will undoubtedly come up again. Anticipating the chatter, Holland took to social media to reveal his height compared to Wahlberg’s.

Mark Wahlberg as Sully and Tom Holland as Nathan Drake searching a room with a flashlight in Uncharted
Mark Wahlberg as Sully and Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in ‘Uncharted’ | Sony Pictures

Tom Holland’s height has been a talking point since his Spider-Man days

Holland isn’t exactly what modern statistics would consider “short.” The average male height is about 5 feet, 9 inches, and the young actor stands at 5 five, 8 inches tall. However, when he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many fans noticed Holland was shorter than some of his 6-foot-plus co-stars like Chris Evans and Jon Favreau.

Jokes about Holland’s height have circulated the internet since he starred in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. The topic gained even more traction when he started dating his Spider-Man co-star, Zendaya, who is two inches taller.

Although Holland has joined in on the jokes from time to time, he’s also admitted to being insecure about his height.

“I’d do this thing on red carpets where I would stand closer to the photographers than the people behind me [to look taller],” he told GQ in November 2021. “I cannot do anything about my height.”

Tom Holland joked about his height difference with Mark Wahlberg ahead of ‘Uncharted’

In February, Holland’s fans will see him alongside his new partner-in-crime, Wahlberg. And yes, before anyone asks, Walhberg is slightly taller. Holland shared a new Uncharted teaser on Instagram in January and revealed their height difference.

“For the record, @markwahlberg is [5-foot-9] to my [5-foot-8],” he wrote with a laughing emoji in the caption.

Even the film pokes fun at Holland and Wahlberg’s height difference, as seen in the teaser.

“We better get small. Or in your case, smaller,” Wahlberg’s character, Victor “Sully” Sullivan, says.

“You’re only, like, one inch taller than me,” Holland’s Nathan Drake responds, prompting Sully to say, “I think it’s a little bit more than that, kid.”

Wahlberg inspired Holland to bulk up for ‘Uncharted’

Holland can’t control his height, but he can control his muscle. He revealed to Total Film (via GamesRadar) that once he saw how buff Wahlberg was for Uncharted, he knew he had to bulk up.

“When we went to set for the first time, I saw Mark Wahlberg, and Mark is massive. He is a unit,” Holland said in December. “I was in good shape, but I wasn’t by any means big.”

Shortly after production began, the Uncharted set closed down because of COVID-19 (coronavirus) lockdowns. Holland decided to use this time to put on more muscle for the action movie.

“We went home for five months; all I did was eat and train, eat and train, eat and train,” he added. “To put a bit of timber on, to make me look not like a child next to Mark.”

Uncharted hits theaters on Feb. 18.

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