‘Unexpected’: Caelan Morrison Reveals the Painful, Intimate Details of His Breakup With McKayla Adkins

Viewers saw just how tumultuous Caelan Morrison and McKayla Adkins’ relationship really was on Lifetime’s series Unexpected.

The teen parents, who have been through two unexpected pregnancies together, have broken up and gotten back together many times. Meanwhile, Caelan’s mom and McKayla’s grandparents, who were her primary caretakers, often clashed over the teens’ tumultuous relationship and break-up-to-make-up issues.

At one point, while dating another guy, McKayla even admitted that she withheld the couple’s children from Caelan because she felt “vindictive.” Still, the Unexpected stars recently got back together for several months and even moved into a new home with their kids. But McKayla and Caelan had yet another explosive breakup in late Jan. 2020. And this time, Caelan is using YouTube as a platform to speak out.

McKayla Adkins
McKayla Adkins | McKayla Adkins via Instagram

McKayla and Caelan recently broke up again

In dramatic sessions on Instagram Live, McKayla and Caelan announced their most recent breakup at the end of Jan. 2020. Because the couple has no official custody agreement, McKayla told her followers she wasn’t allowing him to see the children at the moment until their upcoming court date. Additionally, she claimed that Caelan had “hacked” into her social media accounts and pushed her to pay all the bills and that she was tired of it.

After a police officer escorted McKayla to her previous home with Caelan to retrieve her belongings, she moved back in with her grandparents. Meanwhile, Caelan revealed to his own social media followers that McKayla was allegedly messaging other guys just hours after their breakup.

Caelan and Dylan, McKayla’s older brother, argued over the breakup on social media, with Caelan’s mom chiming in as well to offer her two cents. Since then, McKayla has announced she will be leaving social media, while Caelan has taken to YouTube to air out the Unexpected couple’s issues.

Caelan said he missed his kids and didn’t know what to do

In a new YouTube video, Caelan apologized for the recent drama and admitted he shouldn’t have exposed all the details of his and McKayla’s personal issues.

“I shouldn’t have said personal things about our life online,” Caelan confessed.

The young parent said he was heartbroken over the situation with McKayla, especially not being able to see his kids. “This whole thing is killing me,” Caelan said. “It affects our children, and they’re going to grow up and my worst fear is that they think that I don’t want anything to do with them. And I do, they mean everything to me. They’re my world.”

The Unexpected star claimed that McKayla had suddenly changed her mind about their relationship after the young couple went to counseling sessions together. His on-and-off girlfriend wouldn’t speak to him, he claimed, even for the sake of their children. “The thing that kills me the most is the kids,” he added later. “How can you take them away from me and how can you not speak a word to me?”

However, the Unexpected star said he was still in love with his ex. “It’s hard for me to keep going through this, and I do it because I love her,” Caelan revealed.

The young dad alleged that McKayla changed her mind suddenly and misrepresented the truth

Caelan expressed shock at how quickly things had turned sour. “Literally, she just wanted to marry me and be with me for the rest of her life,” he claimed, before she hastily decided to leave.

The Unexpected star also claimed that McKayla’s relationship with her grandparents and other family members wasn’t as positive as she presented it to be, alleging that her grandfather had threatened him in the past.

Next up, Caelan will have to take a DNA test to establish paternity of his children with McKayla. The young couple will then begin a custody battle in court in a matter of weeks.