‘Untitled Horror Movie’: Darren Barnet Shares How the Found Footage Film Captures Essence of Hollywood and Gen Z

Showbiz Cheat Sheet connected with Darren Barnet (Never Have I Ever) via Zoom about his role in Untitled Horror Movie. From director Nick Simon, who brought us Truth or Dare (2017), comes a new movie that might hit too close to home for some.

At the core, Untitled Horror Movie demonstrates takes to make a horror movie in confinement. In the story, six actors are in a similar situation, sans a pandemic. The unlikely group decides to shoot a movie on their own after learning about their hit TV show’s cancellation. Everything seems to be going well until the cast accidentally conjures a spirit with an affinity for violence. 

Find out how Barnet’s role goes beyond being and actor. Plus the ways his character is the kind of actor fans will love to hate.

'Untitled Horror Movie' poster featuring Emmy Raver-Lampman, Darren Barnet, Claire Holt, Luke Baines, Katherine McNamara, and Tim Granaderos
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‘Untitled Horror Movie’ was filmed in lockdown 

Simon’s found footage flick stars Barnet, Claire Holt (The Originals), Luke Baines (Shadowhunters), Katherine McNamara (Shadowhunters), Emmy Raver-Lampman (The Umbrella Academy), and Tim Granaderos (13 Reasons Why). But these actors weren’t just the stars of the movie. They also had to be the crew.

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Like Host or The VisitUntitled Horror Movie takes a modern approach to the found footage genre. Instead of lugging around bulky camera equipment a la The Blair Witch Project, the characters in Untitled Horror Movie use their laptops and iPhones to film. 

But in reality, the actors playing actors had to do the same. From hair and makeup to slating scenes and controlling cameras, each actor filmed their own footage with the help of Director of Photography Kevin Duggin via Zoom.

‘Untitled Horror Movie’ cast member Darren Barnet dissects his try-hard role

In a way, Untitled Horror Movie is a commentary on Gen Z, actor stereotypes, and Hollywood as a whole. Raver-Lampman plays an actor with a sense of purpose. She reads into her lines and wants more from the roles she takes on. Meanwhile, McNamara could care less about the quality of the writing — her character only wants to look good on camera. 

On the other hand, Granaderos is giving this movie his all. What started as a passion project could become the saving grace this group needs. Baines’ role couldn’t care less about the second chance he is given until he encounters the evil the group has summoned face to face. And as for Barnet’s character, he’s happy basking in the glow of whatever fandom will have him.

“He’s a try hard and very much about the glitz and glamor,” Barnet says of his character. “He’s so fun, but those are the same reasons you can kind of not like him because he says he’s all about the art, but is he? Or does it just want to be famous?”

Found footage horror sees a resurgence thanks to Nick Simon

The use of filming with modern technology goes a long way in Untitled Horror Movie. In doing so, the film becomes that much more authentic.

Simon and his Untitled Horror Movie leaned into this yearning for more found footage horror. “A lot of people watch horror movies to be a little bit disturbed,” Barnet tells Showbiz.

How to watch ‘Untitled Horror Movie’ 

Untitled Horror Movie is the unexpected pairing of Best In Show, Scream, and Searching with a hint of Community. If you’re a fan of The Blair Witch Project or Barnet’s favorite Paranormal Activity, you’re going to enjoy Untitled Horror Movie.

Watch for the gorgeously talented cast, but stay for then impressive amount of talent required to create this movie in the middle of a pandemic. Join the worldwide livestream premiere on June 12 or watch Untitled Horror Movie on digital and VOD platforms everywhere June 15.