Usman Umar Asks the ’90 Day Fiancé’ Women If the Way Lisa Hamme Yells at Him Is Normal

90 Day Fiancé couple Usman Umar and “Babygirl” Lisa Hamme have always had a very up-and-down relationship. Lisa has been criticized by fans for her treatment of Usman since the beginning of the season. Some fans think her behavior toward her husband borders abusive.

Usman Umar
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Usman’s ’90 Day Fiancé’ co-stars tell him most American women are nicer than Lisa

During the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days “Tell-All,” Usman kept trying to ask his female co-stars if it was normal for American women to lash out the way his wife does. But Lisa kept cutting him off. When he finally got a word in, he said when Lisa gets angry she’ll “say anything.” He said, when he and Lisa argue, she says things his “worst enemy” wouldn’t say.

Several of Usman’s co-stars were quick to tell him that Lisa’s behavior was not normal, nor acceptable.

“Not all American women are like that!” said Avery Warner.

“There are so many nicer women,” said Big Ed Brown.

Big Ed and Babygirl Lisa got into a heated argument during the “Tell-All.” Ed told Lisa that she treated Usman “like a little goat,” and Lisa yelled back, “You’re a goat!”

Lisa called Usman the N-word

When hours of the “Tell-All” footage leaked, fans learned that Lisa had called Usman the N-word. She spoke about her use of the word in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on May 22.

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“That word was used out of context. It was used out of stupidity. My husband accepted my apology but haters don’t. They want to ride it out to no end. Other very famous people that do entertainment, they said just let it die down. Let the haters just subside. And the ones who are riding it are the ones who are trying to become popular, like you. That is their goal. And by any means, they’re going to do it,” she said.

Lisa continued: “So I’m just going to ignore those haters. I’ve acknowledged it. I’ve made a public apology on another podcast interview and it was posted to my IG. It was seen by all my fans but it’s still not good enough.”

Babygirl Lisa and Usman Umar are no longer together

Lisa and Usman broke up between filming the “Tell-All” and when it aired. Lisa says that Usman has been scamming her in an effort to give his music career a boost.

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Usman says that he never scammed Lisa. If he wanted to scam her, he would have chosen “someone who is rich.” And he definitely didn’t scam her to come to America because during the “Tell-All” he said that he didn’t plan on moving to the United States to be with Lisa. Additionally, they’d been together for three years. They didn’t get together just before filming.

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans think it’s probably for the best that Lisa and Usman went their separate ways.

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