‘V/H/S/99’ Will Feature the Return of Raatma: New York Comic Con 2022

The team behind the found footage film V/H/S/99 dished about their upcoming Shudder release during New York Comic Con 2022. Find out what the creatives behind the forthcoming horror film said about the segments in the latest anthology, which will include the return of a fan-favorite character from V/H/S/94. Additionally, producer Josh Goldbloom made a major announcement regarding the future of the V/H/S franchise. 

A young woman screams with blood on her face in a shot from the Shudder horror film 'V/H/S/99'
‘V/H/S/99’ | Shudder

‘V/H/S/99’ trailer teases a gory game show, getting buried alive, and more 

During their NYCC panel, Goldbloom, along with writers/directors Tyler MacIntyre and Vanessa and Joseph Winter, shared the trailer for the latest installment in the found footage franchise. The movie is slated for release on Oct. 20, 2022 exclusively on Shudder.

The teaser opens with a crazed person growling, “fresh souls taste best.” Then, in true V/H/S horror comedy fashion, the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” blares in the background as we get glimpses of the five stories from directors MacIntyre, Winters, Maggie Levin, Flying Lotus, and Johannes Roberts. 

Based on the trailer, V/H/S/99 doesn’t ignore the most glorious aspects of the late ’90s. That includes dial-up internet, skateboarding, and the looming fear of the world ending in the new millennium.

During the panel, Goldbloom gave the most away about the new movie. He teased a Jackass-inspired portion of V/H/S/99 and said it will feature a group of people getting hurt by others instead of inflicting pain on themselves. 

In another portion of V/H/S/99, we’ll see kids competing in a twisted version of a Legends of the Hidden Temple-style game show — part of V/H/S/99 Goldbloom called “truly f***ed up.” Goldbloom also teased the short film by Roberts where a girl gets buried alive with spiders. The spiders in this segment are real and required a “spider wrangler” on the set of V/H/S/99. 

Raatma Easter Egg coming in ‘V/H/S/99’

“Storm Drain,” written and directed by Chloe Okuno for V/H/S/94, instantly became a fan favorite thanks to Raatma, the grotesque half-human/half-rat creature living in the town’s storm drains. Before the V/H/S/99 panel concluded at New York Comic Con 2022, Goldbloom promised fans would see Raatma again. 


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The producer urged fans not to get too excited, calling Raatma’s return a “small Easter Egg.” Regardless, Goldbloom and company got a “Hail Raatma!” from the crowd for bringing the meme-worthy character back.

‘V/H/S/84’ coming in 2023 

Raatma’s return wasn’t the only big announcement Goldbloom dropped during the V/H/S/99 panel“We filmed two movies at once,” Goldbloom said, announcing V/H/S/84‘s 2023 release in the same breath.

The upcoming installment will feature short films from The Night House director David Bruckner, The Black Phone director Scott Derrickson, Into the Dark director Gigi Saul Guerrero, Lucky director Natasha Kermani, and Wrong Turn director Mike P. Nelson. There’s no official release date for V/H/S/84 yet, but the anthology was shot at the same time they were filming V/H/S/99

Stream the ‘V/H/S’ franchise 

Ahead of the V/H/S/99 release, here’s where you can watch the other four V/H/S films: